Wednesday, February 18, 2015

France Portnawak

By Fritter Enzyme

Delicious with pastel colors, and dreamy with semi -transparent furniture, the France Portnawak sim is the cream de la cream of romantic places.  Captured in a daylight setting, it is a painting to walk through.  Cats, rabbits, goats, donkeys and birds are about the many places with animated settings for snuggling and romance.  Picnic spots, horse rides, boat rides all available to meet your fancy. 

Bring your Second Life camera, for in this unique world of soft play with colors and light, you should surely find your artistic muse.   Ethereal ambient music streams in this little piece of French countryside.  Hang out in the maison, or home and paint, wash up at an animated sink or lounge and snuggle in a soft bed.  The transparency extends to the rocks in the water and trunks of the trees.  Cotton candy clouds roll through the azure skies ever changing the scene. 

 You might want to use a translator, English is not the main language.  But beauty is universal and you will enjoy finding the ‘sweet spots’ here.  There are many boats and inner tubes to spend time on enjoying the reflective water fronts and the fishies there in.  The bamboo grove have a nice dock feature where you can rest in some of the many types of law furniture they have out, or the blankets.  Change your windlight's settings and enjoy the many candles surrounding the sitting areas.  It is truly a meditative place to come to and a real treat for Valentine’s Day lovers. 

Teleport up to the gift shop.  It has many well-made clothes in French style and has equal amounts of clothes for men as for women, something I find very rare in Second Life.  Grab some free outfits and get in fashion for your explorations.  Yes, I did say free.  One side is gifts the other is a shop with great items you will not see elsewhere. 

Take a trip to the lighthouse island and absorb the scenery from there.  But sure to find the fine arts museum!  It is a very nice setting to see some great works.  Agence de Voyages has a link there, it is a Second Life travel agency,  All text is in French, unfortunately for me and my limited language, but it shows many interesting French places to go see when you are done with France Parnawak. 

Bring some virtual wine and some brie to snack on for your fireside fun.  Pounce on it now, you never know how long sims will last in our world.

Fritter Enzyme

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