Sunday, March 22, 2015

The New Bastogne WW2 Combat Roleplay Celebrates Five Years

By Bixyl Shuftan

On March Friday the 13th, the New Bastogne World War Two Combat Roleplay officially turned five years old. The occasion was marked with a hunt with a dozen crates hidden around the area for people to fine, each containing a vehicle. Plus there was a party at the "Sporthalle" in the Caen sim. The event began at 5PM SL time.

The building itself was drapped with flags with both the German cross, and the double-lighting bolt "SS" symbol. The three German teams, Heer (army), Luftwaffe, and SS, were the majority of those attending, but there were some from the Italian and Russian groups. A German band performed "Big Band" music and other tunes for the crowd.

Most of the people there were in uniform, though some chose formal civilian wear instead. Vickster Khun, the head of the combat roleplay, was there in a red gown. The people danced, chatting about old times.

At one point, Vickster had an announcement concerning one of the Heer officers, Sunra Saenz, whom while one of the leading officers simply had the tag of "officer" up. Vickster told him in front of everyone, "I actually have an honor I wish to bestow on you on behalf of Oberbefehlshaber West at the command of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and officially promote you to the rank of Generalmajor." Sunra was at a loss for words, "I am speachless Generalleutnant, and very honoured indeed." Others toased and saluted him. One joked, "It's a custom that new generals have to buy a round of beers."

Vickster continued, "You deserve it very much, more than any member of this command I've served with, you've kept the faith and served as a model soldier for all branches." After some more talk, she turned to the others, "let me now tell you a little story about Sunra, and its something you don't know about him unless you were there, and you weren't (laughs), how Sunra got fired from First Armee by Octavian, who was commanding, remember? It was the second D-Day battle we had." Sunra Saenz answered, "Yes when I previously served with the Heer as Hauptman." "That's right, and you were executive officer as well. One of the best officers."

"And what happened? I can tell the story, it's funny. Well, funny and not funny. Sunra wasn't having fun. It's more complicated. What happened was we had our second big D-Day battle. It was sort of an annual even then. Sunra had been training with the Luftwaffe the night before. So the invasion starts, Sunra shows up in time, the battle goes great. He was doing panzers, but he still had his Luftwaffe uniform and title on. So octavian fired him. And Sunra had basically repelled the Allied armor after they landed. He won us the battle but Octavian fired him." Sunra mused, "I was all over the place. That battle lasted around 7 hours flat out (laughter)."

"Well, it always bothered me," Vickster told him, "Then I wasn't Oberkommando.  But I kept you in the Luftwaffe and recognized your awards. I don't think octavian really thought about what he was doing. Perhaps he was a frustrated. You say yourself he was a good commander." "I always wondered why he was so hard on me, yes," Sunra admitteded. "Anyway," Vickster continued, "what impressed me was you didn't give up or really demand anything. You just carried on like a real soldier, and did everything I ever asked you to, and took good care of the people you were placed over." She then chuckled, "Okay enough embarrassing you. ... I just wanted people to understand you paid your dues, you earned that rank and then some. You might meet a lot of group owners who are generals, but how many do you know who earned their rank from enlisted to officers in three branches?" One other German combatant commented, "I knew Allied fighters who when they saw that Sunra was participating....just left...out of fear of his prowess."

Vickster commented, "This is the first time we celebrated since the 1st anniversary. It's been so crazy all these years. It is till crazy after all these years." Sunra commented, "I miss the weekly dances Angus used to put on. Maybe this should become a weekly or monthly event." Vickster added, "Yes, I miss those too. We had a lot of fun even if we were sometimes bombed (laughs). That was in Seaone's sims." Sunra thought back, "Yes yes, so it was. That was another beautiful sim. But we saved the cathedral to use in New Bastogne at least. Heh heh." Vickster agreed, "We had a lot of fun there. It was a blow when those sims closed. But I understood."

Vickster concluded, "I'm really proud to have lasted this long when so many people said they would see us fail. Guys like Sunra who put up with a lot of crap and still kept at it, it really made the difference."

Vickster had to take care of something, and she bade everyone farewell and left the party, leaving Sunra and the others to continue on the celebration.

For those interested in the New Bastogne Combat RP, contact Vickter Khun, or the other team leaders. Besides the three German teams, Luftwaffe, Army, and Waffen SS, there is an Italian team, and several Allied teams, including Soviet. The Luftwaffe also has been having weekly scraps with an Allied air group.

Bixyl Shuftan

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