Friday, February 3, 2012

Natural Wilderness

Are you ever looking for a really quiet peaceful place to go hang out with a special friend? Perhaps it is a first date, and you would like to just sit and talk without interruption.

I found a delightful place called Natural Wilderness in Loch Haven. The site is filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, hills and valleys but as you wander around you will come across gazebos, benches and intimate nooks with pose balls for cuddling or dancing. I found a fisher, JT Cortes, just hanging out on the dock. He told me he loves to fish there in the solitude.

There were some dancers enjoying one of the dance floors and the music. Right now there is a winter place if you like to dance in the snow. You may want to hang out with some friends chatting by the fire, or just sit and gaze at the waves. The trees and flowers are delightful and it is a restful sim.

You can pick up the notecard near the landing place that tells you that above there are some sky boxes for rent if you would like more privacy and you have your choice of venues and activites. I took a short look at the Autumn bathhouse where there is a building in which you can enjoy a snuggle in the hot tub. In the Spring Forest Glade Skybox, you will find dances and a place to chat with friends or snuggle up with a special one while looking out onto the trees. There are other options. It is possible to take a look for free and then decide if you want to rent for a while.

The TPs and the prices and time limits are near the entrance. I enjoyed walking around and discovering little corners of privacy and I hope you will too. I tried not to be intrusive to the avatars I came across on my travels.

The entrance is here.

Gemma Cleanslate

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