Friday, September 11, 2015

The Crazy Horse Saloon

By BloodyKitty Resident

This fine place is called, "THE CRAZY HORSE SALOON" which is located in the region of Woiler. This place is  of course a fantastic club that has all kinds of music, though country is its main man I believe. Believe it or not, I work here sometimes when I can as a host, and everyone is so sweet and kind, and the staff has taken me in with open arms like I'm apart of their growing family. The sim is group owned if you wanted to know, and the group is called, Dusty's Club Staff. While this place may be empty or not as lively as it is some nights, I can assure you it's calming to just walk and explore. 

Now like I said before, I'm not just saying it's nice and all because I work in the sim as a host, I'm saying it even if I was just a guest coming for the music provided by multiple DJ's that are able to work the different shifts. Like any club really there are scheduled times for people to be at the place, even certain days of course too. I, myself, have not been around it like I used to be because of family problems. I ensure you though that the staff and even the guests that come and go are very kind, caring, and helpful to each other.

I hope your able to visit this sim soon when you get the chance, especially when its a night of partying. Now I can't specifically tell you when people will be around or not just from the schedule, sometimes they work when they are able to, and sometimes aren't able to, even if they are on the schedule board. Come on down and enjoy yourself to some country music as well as an all around variety of music too.

Woiler (95/70/1001)


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