Monday, September 7, 2015

The SS Galaxy Returns: Part Two

By Gemma Cleanslate

What an unexpected fun afternoon I had Thursday. I went out to see the Galaxy in its new place in the oceans. There was a great crowd in the midsection celebrating the return. Lots of Lindens and moles there gathered to enjoy the ship. Shamen Linden was serving cocktails at the bar. Frost Mole was also there along with Guy, Xiola, Patch Linden. Michael Linden was entertaining with all sort of fun items like falling sharks, furniture fling, trains passing  and time pieces. He put out a rocket and somehow I was caught up in it and taken thousands of meters into the sky then dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Ruined  my hairdo!  

There was also a gathering of media people checking out the goings on. Daniel Voyager was there as a rabbit instead of his usual owl, Inara Pey sitting at the bar, Marianne Mccann ready to go into the pool and more. It was fun. I plan to try to sail over to the ship in the next few days and wander through with memories as I go. The ship is there but is still a work in progress as additions will be made in the future but be sure to go visit. Those of you who know the Galaxy will love it. Those who do not will be awed by a ship that fills three sims!!!!!

Years ago, about seven I think, I first discovered this massive ship in the Second Life oceans. We inspected the ship from stem to stern over months of visits. I learned to play miniature golf and hope it comes back. We played games on the deck and rode bikes around. There were shops and art galleries with changing exhibits. The swimming pool was a great place to just lounge and talk. I went to many 7seas fishing contests on board. A friend of mine lived there for a while and we enjoyed visiting. I loved the Ports of call that were posted and found places to explore for my articles. I wrote about the big move when the whole ship was moved to new sims. So many good memories. I hope you will have some too.

This link will bring you to an entrance to the reservations desk though no one is on duty . Before I left I checked to see if the spa is still there and tried the treadmill.. Lots to explore!! Much thanks to the Preservation Group!

Gemma Cleanslate

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