Friday, September 25, 2015

More Halloween Fun

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Welcome to Dark Dharma Haunted Manor, they've been waiting... Built in the 1880's, this haunted Victorian manor is an imposing structure, never mind the broken windows and wandering souls. It might even be charming, if it wasn't for what happened. What happened to the last occupants? Come visit, if you dare!”

The house is frightening from the time the maid opens the door. I passed through the sitting room into the dining room where ghouls are still eating amid the spider webs enveloping them and the dinner. The kitchen was most frightening with the cook holding a bloody carving knife while arms begged for help from the oven. I made my way through the doorway into a parlor made ready for games with wispy spirits. Perhaps later. The next room was filled with books floating about through the air. I passed on to climb the stairway with a wall that was filled with family pictures, one more frightful than the other. I believe I recognized some of this family. Entering the room to the left I encountered some of the family spirits sitting around a table having tea. I will leave the description of the powder room to your discovery. 
Every door leads to a new discovery, so knock on all of them. In the attic I made a mistake and ended up in some kind of electricution table and so. I never found the reasons for the missing occupants. It is up to you to go find out. Good luck!  Now I remember ... I was here before!! Maybe I was part of the family!!
My next visit was to a place that promised four scary venues, NC's Halloween 9th year HAUNTED Mansion RIDES, ZOMBIES and Asylum. A guided ride sounded good so I headed for the Haunted Mansion . The wait at the station for the ride was 10 minutes so I entered the grounds and roamed around a bit.  The Haunted House itself is also a wait while the spirits awaken. 
Once inside there is ghostly ride with a voice guided story to chill you. Best to bring a friend to share it with but I faced it alone and survived. Mouse look works well for this and the sounds are scary too. There is a wonderful spirit party with food and dance and music taking place in the dining room.Listen to the story for thrills and warnings. I was wondering if the heart beat was mine or.... There is more to enjoy! I smashed some pumpkins on the way out . not a good idea!!! And Lucien Asylum is 6 stories so be prepared for more visits!!! I had to skip the zombie battle area and the Abandoned Thrill ride. It is a good thing it is a while until Halloween . I will be going back to all these marvelous places.  
Gemma Cleanslate

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