Monday, September 28, 2015

Furry Fashion

By BloodyKitty Resident

There's a cool place I discovered through my friend from Tumblr. The sim is called Furry Fashion and is located in the region of Furry and is actually group owned. Besides speaking on Skype too we met up in SL at the sim and I was offered a hosting job which I accepted and am currently waiting to be approved or not. My first reaction to the place was that I was taken in by the purple and black colors as well as just the layout itself. Even though I didn't take a walk around at first since I was talking to said friend and some of the staff there, I still though what I saw was neat.

I'm not exactly sure if everyone gets notecards about the place and it's landmarks but it's helpful. In Furry Fashion there are nine or ten places, including the place you start at which is in front of their lounge I believe. The place includes a sandbox, welcome center, avatar den, furry mall, a job center, park, swimming hole, special event parcel, and a rental office, and also a lounge. While I haven't fully checked out every single landmark on the land thoroughly as I wanted to, what I did get to see was very cool. 

Everyone should come here whether they have a furry avatar or not, which I believe you are allowed to come without being a furry avatar since I didn't get kicked any of the two times I arrived at Furry Fashion. Whether your into dancing, chilling with your friends or people in general, or even shopping this is the place for you! Maybe you'll even get to see my hosting in the club soon enough.
Editor's Note: I've known the owner of the venue, Amethyst Crystal, since 2007 when she was on a different account. I didn't mention the place to her, though, she found about it herself. The store welcomes all (except griefers), although residents whom have over five megabytes worth of scripts will be asked to take off objects containing them until they're under the limit (Avatar control HUDS, Tiny Empires game, etc.). Their lounge has events every evening, and twice a day on weekends. The store is taking part in both the Quest Fur Cover hunt and Twisted Hunt, in addition to launching it's own Halloween Hunt on October 1st (details to follow).

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