Friday, July 31, 2020

Wedcot Center Park

By Gemma Cleanslate

The ad said “Disney tribute - Celebrate the future with Spaceship Earth, Horizons, Soarin', Test Track, World Showcase and more. Amusement WDW Rides theme park magic kingdom carnival Garden,”  So off I went after my tour of Wedcot Center Park.

My visit to  started with a pram tour of the grounds which gives one a great overview of all the buildings to be visited and the lovely landscaping of the region. As I exited I  grabbed a guidemap and a times schedule at the bottom of the stairs and began the long walk to explore all the scientific buildings.

I stopped at the grand Globe of course , rezzed a vehicle and found myself on a tour of the short , pointed marvelous history of the world and man from cave living to computer.

It was a good review before moving on to the unknown future world.

As I entered  my next  stop, The Land, I took some time  to have a snack in their cafeteria then entered. Most of the food there is grown right in the exhibit. One thing I love about these guided tours is the riding in a vehicle with explanations of the views as we pass them . The Land is a great example of learning  that is fun and informative.. The second life prims and mesh are integrated in to the greenhouses. (Subtile “clean your inventory “ hints here too. )Across the way with the entrance in the cafe is another delightful tour that takes you around the world in video, again, seated .

My next stop was at The Sea. While there is a ride there that is interesting and cute , upstairs there is a aquarium and learning lessons on the fish and care of the sea. I picked up a nice free piece of coral while there and  bought a cute shirt on the way out.

I found a  short ride on a boat that took me over  to World Showcase. Of course  I fell off the dock exiting the boat  into the deep waters but was able to tp back before I drowned. There are very inexpensive outfits and items from around the world in the lovely shops representing the culture of various countries. This is a charming  little area to walk through. Hungry again I picked up a California roll at the Katsura Grill to enjoy while strolling.

There is so much to do here at the Park and more to see so I left some for you to discover. Hint:look for Beauty and The Beast dancing in a park. Take more than a few hours vacation at the enjoyable park.
here !

Gemma Cleanslate

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