Friday, March 18, 2011

Goonies Escapades

What a great time I had the other day. My friend, a SL inner kid, Everett Piek, called me to tell me that The Goonies Island had become Escapades and was totally different from the last time I saw it. I went to visit Everest at his little shack and we took off for a tour.

Loki Eliot has transformed the whole place. It is delightful. After stopping at the center of Rickity Town, Everett wanted me to see a surprise at the docks so off we went. Once there he took me into the John King Pirate Tavern. There I saw a scroll and a painting as the center pieces. The scroll began a story, and then we touched the picture and went into a world of the unknown.

Along the way we heard the story of Jack, with audio and visuals to enhance the trip. It is an adventure not to be missed when you visit . Everett took me around back of the Tavern and we took a ride on the Da Vinci copter up into the sky where there is a landing area on Sky Pirates Platform where you can visit the Ferret Bar. Make sure you look for that copter when you visit.

The next day I went back to look some more and ran into Loki in Rickety Town and he showed me a few of the fun things you can do along the way. I picked up a bashing stick to find treasures or taunts hidden in bushes, barrels, mushrooms. Of course I bashed a hornet next and acquired a follower that taunted and stung me.

Back in town I stopped at the market and bought some fun steam punk roller skates created by my my friend, Myrtil, who first introduced me to the SL kids on Goonie Island. There are many nooks and cranies to explore all over the island so take a trip. All are welcome.

This LM will put you in the center of the island in Rickity Town to begin your adventures. There you will find a map with teleports to the fun places.

Gemma Cleanslate

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