Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Derby at Areo Pines

This is the first time I have been able to get to a Kentucky Derby party in Second Life. I was invited to the 138th Kentucky Derby running at the Aero Pines Park in Equus. I donned my hat and got going! 
Equus, one of the numerous sims of the Aero Pines Park and Recreation center is very horsy, with a stable and a race track. You can rezz a horse to ride the many delightful trails across the many sims. There was an enormous TV set up in the  middle of the race track for the race and a wonderful viewing center with a full bar. The mint juleps were delicious and refreshing as we waited for the race to start. 
There were about 34 people in attendance. The enthusiasm was tremendous. Every one had their favorite horse. Some had money on a horse in real life, so had more invested. A couple were from Louisville so knew the intense interest in the race and everything surrounding it. Most were wearing the “obligatory“ fancy hat that women wear all over the place at Louisville during the race time. 
As we watched the TV feed practically in sync with the real-life feed, Areo Pines owner Cindy Bolero made an announcement, “Other news! The Aero Pines Park Equestrian Center will also be known as Virtual Horse World starting this summer. We're doing a makeover of the facilities to better educate new users of SL with the many types of horses created in SL. As you know it is quite overwhelming for newbies. We're also taking the firefighter training here to another level, but we feel the blend with the equestrian center, airport, and biker roadhouses will still blend well.” 
All in all it was an excellent event and Cindy Bolero is to be congratulated on the build made just for the race.There will be replays on Sunday with parties.  Aero Pines is a wonderful place to visit. There are always so many things going on  according to the season. Take a trip there and pick up the landmarks card.  
Gemma Cleanslate

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