Monday, July 23, 2018

The Garden of Absentia To Close

By Bixyl Shuftan

I recently found out through Annie Oh (AnnieBrightstar Resident) about a well-designed sim, the Garden of Absentia. Owned by Filo Tani and built by he and Sage (Sage Allegiere), the place is expertly done, with it's buildings and trees. You can also light a candle in honor of someone, which many have done here.

Unfortunately, the place won't be on for much longer. Annie told me the owners of the place had recently announced the location will soon be closing down. And getting to the place, inside the entry location, I found a sign explaining.

Dear GOA Friends & Guests, We regret to inform you that after 10 years, changing circumstances in life make it necessary to close The Garden of Absentia & Memorial on 08/01/2018. It is our goal to reopen as circumstances allow. However, a time frame is not clear to us at this time. Thank you to all that have made this journey so far a spectacular experience! We wish you all the best! Filo and Sage."

I happened to run into Annie while she was still around.

The central island had a number of candles lit by previous visitors. Many were lit in honor of those who did not survive their battle with cancer.

A bridge connected the central island to the surrounding land.

 The path led to a small ranch area.

Fire up the grill.

A trail led through a small forest.

And it led to a windmill.

 There were a few pet kittycats inside the windmill.

These had been around for a few years.

As I looked around, people continued to visit and drop by.

The Garden of Absentia is at Garden of Absentia (135/155/22). More pictures can be seen at Filo and Sage's Flickr accounts.

Bixyl Shuftan

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