Monday, January 13, 2020

Bus Tour Across Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

Have you ever gone on a mystery tour in real life? I never did. I have fun once in a while in sl when I have time and come across the sign that says, “Take the bus to the unknown.“  You will see them at some sites when you are shopping or visiting a region. All you have to do is click and you are off on an adventure. It can be sublime. or ridiculous. Just to give you an idea of the type of places you may land I decided to take a tour and write about a few of places I landed.

One trip took me to The Magical Forest of Dreams, a lovely forest where it was just fun to walk about and see what interesting sights I came across, animals, statuary. My next stop dropped me at the side of the road where there was, at present, “a work in progress” which was not too evident.

LABBIT LESOLT  R and R. I landed at the side of a cute little railroad where I took a ride to see the woods and surrounding area. I did not stay to visit all of the regions but it is billed as,”Beautiful beach to Chill and relax with friends. NO COMBAT, SEX OR weapons  PLS.We like to keep it relaxed.If you like to explore the 3 sims  then use the door near the gazebo. Have fun.” I plan to go back to see some more and check out those other regions.

The next stop on my bus tour took me to The Pickle Pub Live Dive. It looks like an old fashioned gathering place for parties just off of the road. It has a bar, posters of show of the past , darts, and an awesome set of drums to play. The stop after that took me to a hot air balloon, two little boats all of which offered tours.

Then I landed at the Apollo Theater that shows free movies! I did stop there for a few minutes. “If it's happening anywhere, it's happening at the Apollo, and I wash my hands of the whole affair --A whimsical little retro theater.  Free access to XControl Menu. From the designer of Chilbo's Haunted House&Chapel, where horror never takes a day off.” That is the billing  and the movie that was playing confirmed it. They actually have a doorman who opens the door.

The bus stopped at The Bohemian Underground. a most impressive looking place that offers arts and music and fashion shows and more. I stopped here to freshen up  and wash my hands and face before moving on.There is also a very elegant clothing shop. Since it is wintertime in the north I thought you could start your own bus trip here at the Common Lands in Friedsee . See new places you never would have thought of going to and have a great time!

Gemma Cleanslate

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