Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Halloween Places in Second Life

By Gemma Cleanslate

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It is spooky time in Second Life again. I was beginning to run into ghosts and pumpkins along my travels so I thought I would check out some places to get prepared for the big day for your region or home. Fun experience places to visit will be on  my list too.

I visited Apollon Island where I found a plethora of items for decorating.. The greeter goblin said  “May your Halloween be scarier than what goes on every night on the news.” Spiders appeared from the ground almost enveloping me as I walked around. Ghoulish pumpkins awaited me and so many frightening animesh creatures danced. Some great cemetery items are available from ghosts to tombstones to crypts. There are loads of costumes for any style there. I found the prices very good for the quality.  Don’t miss the carnival rides.  Go take a walk to see all the offerings.

Wonderland Beach is another place to visit for more decorations. There you will find many little shops, each offering different oddities. I saw some interesting Halloween food in one shop. In another shop all things witches from hats to jewelry. Across the way was a coven of Witches stirring their cauldron. On this region is the main store of Ali & Ali Hair. Take a look in there for some varied color hair for the big day! Tucked over in the northwest  corner of the region I found my first haunted house of the season. Have fun but take care.

At Botanica Holiday Home and Garden take the Scarecrow Row walk. All along the way are fun items for more decorating and at the end you enter a cemetery that is the beginning of a hunt. Grab the notecard at the entrance for clues.There are 21 prizes to collect and one more Grand Prize at the end. 

I stopped in at the Cafe Nevermore on the Row and had a delicious buffet before I left. Some ghosts and ghouls in there too were serving food.

One of my favorite places to visit for free stuff for many holidays is Amanda Dench store. I ran over to see what was available for Halloween and was not disappointed. Upstairs I picked up a companion Halloween dancer , a flying witch with bats and a trick tree for 5L. Amanda has really fantastic animesh dancers that dance with you, or vise versa, and many other moving creatures.

I love the skeleton band. When you go  make sure you check upstairs where the bargain corner will get you some great inexpensive decor. The horror picture is from Dench Holiday Store also.

I will be visiting haunted places and and taking tours and letting you know about the frights and fears.

Gemma Cleanslate

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