Thursday, October 28, 2021

Halloween at Calas Ghaladon

by Gemma Cleanslate

Calas Ghaladon Halloween  is a bit different this year. Due to real life obligations instead of a new installation the owners, Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith, there is a retrospective of the past years builds. It is really charming  to see the past familiar parts of Halloween appear again.

There are the beautiful to the scary pieces of the past . The first stop I always make is to take the boat ride . This ride takes place in  one of the beautiful parts of the Halloween remembrances . You get a view of the hanging islands and the Pavilion . It is a mixture of several years.  2016 NEVERLAND, 2014 DARKWOOD, and the dragon from the 2015 VALYRIA region.

Once on the ground look for portal that will take you to Darkmoon and the Mothership. The water is safe to traverse. If you picked up the friendly notecard there is a choice of using the Portals along the way to move from venue to venue , or taking a teleport directly there. “The first time you enter the Portal you will need to ACCEPT the permissions request in order to pass to walk through.  You will only have to do this ONCE “ is the advice. Music and shared environment are also recommended.

The Dig is from 2019 and is a walk to reach. Oz Noir is also from that year and is so reminiscent of the old Oz of stories . The decor is elegant 20's .Look for the list of events to take place at one of these venues with the dates and times . 

It was fun looking back at my past visits. Calas Halloween is always different from most Second Life Halloweens. Next year we will see what is in store .

Gemma Cleanslate

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