Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Terror of Mulberry Horror

Near Halloween, I was invited to tour the Mulberry Horror sim by its owner Lou Mannock, who is also a live Musician on Second Life and real life singer/musician Louie Mann. I've been to a few of his shows and became a fast fan due to his passion filled, smooth rock voice but Louie has other passions and one of them is horror. Second Life gave him the opportunity in creating his version of the Mulberry Horror theme park , which host the Mulberry Orphanage, School, Church and Hospital.

"The town is cursed and so are its inhabitants as you are taken through a series of bloodcurdling horrific sites that are so terrifying you'll wish you'd brought a barf bag. Forget the usual "Boo!" kiddy stuff. As you desperately make your way through the dark, you'll have that sickening feeling that the child murderers, torturers and demons really are after you. You'll face your darkest nightmares. One question remains... will you make it out alive?"

Mulberry screams Horror with a capital H. It took me three tries to actually get through and experience all if has to offer due to my aversion to anything horror but Lou intrigued me into exploring this Halloween treat.

I made sure I read all about Mulberry Horror off its web site before I took my tour. I may fear horror and it's not my thing but I felt this was a challenge I had to get through. I attempted the experience a few times but twice chickened out after seeing blood on the walls of the cabin I entered. I then asked a friend if I could borrow his big, strong male alt so-as to convince myself I could handle anything thrown at me. So on my third attempt, I was a huge male avi that had no fears (a lil RP helped). Make sure you activate sounds before you enter.

I teleported into a narrow wood cabin, the first thing to rez were blood dripping words that said "Abandon all hope ye who enter here ". On my first two attempts, this is what made me leave. There were also roaches crawling on the floor that I tried to avoid but the cabin was so small, it made it almost impossible. Convinced, I was strong in my male avi body, I stood my ground, then noticed there were crates barrels strewn about, taking up much of the small space, adding to my anxiety. Keeping calm, I saw a blue poster on the wall that if clicked offered a note card of information on Mulberry. Figuring, the more informed I am the less fearful I will be, I grabbed a note card.

Laid out on the table are tools for your protection or are they?. I looked for an exit and finally found it at the end, opposite of what appears to be a ghost watching me. I walked, well almost ran through door into a back alley (took time to rez) lined with chain link fences. Trash was strewn everywhere and it was raining. (I panned my camera around in mouse look every few minutes to get the full scene) To one side was a dense dead forest and behind an old abandoned house and to my left was what looked like a ghost town with a billboard welcoming me to Mulberry.

As I continued on, I had to walk around a natural gas tank which was in the middle of the alley-way. And just when I thought it was safe, I stumbled upon the blood, then the body of a man cut in half, spread all over the road. Staring at it intensely, I didn't notice the zombie until his third bite snapped me out of it. Thank goodness for my strong male avatar because I fought that zombie till he ran away in the forest beyond the tall grass (a lil RP here) .

I ran past the burning car because now more zombies are after me. I scream, "Omg! there are at least fifty of them". At the end there are so many chain links fences, I have no idea where to go, so I tried to fly and well, there is no flying here, so I was trapped but at least I lost the zombies. I looked around and saw what looks like an old school gym and more chain link fence but some parts of broken, so I hurried towards them. Oh no!, others are trying to climb too but we are all trapped!!! Desperate to get out, I pan my camera out and see a graveyard in front of me, a hospital to my left with a circus tent and a Ferris wheel on the other side. 'Maybe I can get there and be safe', I think...

I was extremely impressed with my Mulberry Horror experience - you have to go and see for yourself and share it here in comments.

Louie Mann, real life singer musician:

SamanthaS Nightfire

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! Loved it! This year will be just as dark and gory!