Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monaco Yachts

If you need a bit of luxury in your SL, Monaco Yachts is a new sim you’ll want to check out. It’s located at Monaco Yachts (214, 123, 22). The new venture is the collaboration of SL residents MichaelCorleone Losangeles and BlackBarbie Bravin. There have been some recent closures of large sims in SL, so the opening of a new one is a welcome treat.

MichaelCorleone Losangeles, who has been in SL since 2006, is Chief Executive Officer, and he is the yacht designer, too. BlackBarbie Bravin is the Chief Operations Officer. She met up with Losangeles a few months ago and persuaded him to expand on his building venture. Losangeles started building yachts as a hobby three years ago, and sold a few of them under “Christensen Shipyard."

Now he and Bravin have combined their talents to start the yacht club concept. They are joined by resident Anoron Hanson, who has also been a SL resident since 2006. Hanson is the Lead Architect for the sim. Currently there are three yachts and a large building designed for shops and events.

The nautical theme is very well done. When you arrive at Monaco Yachts, a lovely fountain, accented by an anchor, decorates the landing point. Inside the building is a beautiful aquarium that lines one wall, plush carpeting, and more nautical accents. All of this luxury is set against a background of Monaco.

Bravin gave me a tour of the yachts, which are very impressive. Their flagship yacht is 87 meters and has three decks. When describing his yachts, Losangeles said, “I can't build small.” The black yacht is a perfect party destination, while the white yacht has a more residential feel to it. In both yachts, the furnishings are very upscale. Doors open automatically, and functional stairs are concealed until they are needed. The bathrooms were especially nice, with vessel sinks and lots of granite. Be sure to check out the showers—they’re great!

Costs for the yachts range from $20,000 to $40,000 Lindens, depending upon furnishings and other details. If you are interested in a vacation rather than a full-time residence, the yachts can be rented. The ballroom, stores, and other amenities are also available. SL residents are welcome to come to fish, jet ski, swim with dolphins, or lounge on the beach. I rezzed my little sailboat and had fun sailing around.

Monaco Yachts is open now for anyone who wants a sneak preview. The 7 Seas Fishing is set up on one pier, and I saw a few of the dolphins. More items will be added in the coming weeks. The Grand Opening will be May 31.

Grey Lupindo

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