Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mcarp Land in LEA

When I spent time talking to Aley in her sea at LEA, she told me she was sharing the sim with her friend, Mcarp Mavendorf. I had seen Mcarp’s giant avatar image over looking the sea from above. But on closer inspection she had just stepped on a church like structure and ruined it. Well, it was one of her own builds so I guess that is ok. 

There are several more buildings on the sim, all seeming to be cathedral or castle like  buildings. Each is lovely . In each you find clocks, all set to the proper SL time. Each clock is more interesting than the other. If  you open the large map while you are there, you will see the sim is actually a clock itself! The most magnificent building is filled with interesting clocks. Someone said to me when we visited,  “this is a temple to time.” 

I met Mcarp in the cathedral and she took me for a tour of the clocks and explained her thinking in creating them. She admitted she is obsessed with clocks.  She is evidently a math wiz and loves to script, some scripting based on calculus. That was the end of my understanding. I know she would like to have more but is running out of ideas on new creative ways of making clocks. “my problem is I don't do clocks where the face is some picture, in those you can do a million of them ... to come up with some new mechanical concept so each clock is about a different mechanical look.”  

Her favorite center piece is in the sanctuary area of the church. That is not a clock but a counter based on AND gates (complicated) .  We took a tour of the rest of the building where you will find a lovely organ that you can play. There is a gorgeous fountain in the middle which is a fully functioning carillon on top.  The windows are beautiful and enhance the cathedral. We then moved over to the castle where there are more clocks. In the kitchen Mcarp turned on the dishwasher, one of Aley’s creations and immediately plates began falling to the floor and smashing. We went out to the lift and met Aley and we all took a ride over the sim where we could see all the churches and the mount with faces that they called "Mount Lag."   When I sat in the lift, I was left holding on the outside desperately not to fall. “this is our special 'hang the reporter out to dry' sit target” said Mcarp. On the way back I was able to sit on the roof. 

There is not room enough to write about all I saw or learned. Be sure not to miss the garden gnome at the draw bridge . Fascinating!  This exhibit will be in LEA for about four more months. I know you will love and understand everything if you are a scripter. but if not you will love just to gaze at it all and enjoy. The first time I went there I climbed a long set of stairs arising out of Aley’s sea. You could go that was but  I will make it easier for you to get there.

Gemma Cleanslate

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