Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter Ice Rock Festival at Palma

By Gemma Cleanslate
Every autumn I go exploring and search out regions that have winter displays, winter sports, winter freebies and scenery that you will enjoy. I have started already to find ice skating, skiing, even some shopping , and other fun activities in various regions. I have my old favorites that I will be writing about soon. A friend sent me a landmark to visit because of its beauty and I did since it was new to me. It is the Region Palma. 

 At the entrance I found Santa and his reindeer handing out free Uggs, very nice boots for the winter. Three booths with delectable foods and beverages kept me there for a few minutes.  There is a tram tour ready to take you above where you can look down at the view. I took the tour first to get an over view of the sim. The ride took me high above the snow laden branches of the trees where I could see lodges, cabins , ponds. The second time I took the ride we hopped off on top of the ski mountain where you will find free skies and a sled rezzer.

Off we went on a sled that took us down the steep slope  to the skating area. After a few twirls on the ice  I started off on the snow packed roads to see the sights. Looking around I saw a delightfully  pristine landscape dotted with charming buildings , animals, and visiting avatars.  As you travel the roadways you buildings that offer a relaxing place to park.  There are comfortable seats by the fire in the Lodge and outdoor lounging areas. A pleasant bar offers a refuge for chatting.

 I visited Santa’s stables and found elves caring for the reindeer. The skating pond is large enough for some trick skating and offers free ice skates for your use. Across the pond I found a theater where you can sit and watch movies and we stopped to laugh at a giant snail race video and one of Torley’s tutorials. Up on a hilltop I found a building that is the Headquarters of the Rebel Yell Concerts. This is a Tribute Concert business, the first one in Second Life, I learned.  It is owned by Lestat Zalivstok , Oskar Zalivstok, (oskar.nirvana) , and Guiltyangel Rhapsody.

Lestat told me "this is Winter Ice Rock Festival 2013,“ and  that the region will be in winter decor until January 8. There are posters around the sim  announcing the next event and the time so you can put it on your calendar. After January 8  they will put some other decor.  He is a real life band owner and continues the tradition in SL. Enjoy this elegant winter setting and dress warmly!  http://maps.secondlifecom/secondlife/Palma/220/223/32.
Gemma Cleanslate

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