Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Firestorm Support Center

By Gemma Cleanslate

Ed Merryman, one of the wonderful Firestorm support team members called for some help in the group  to test a new service item over at Firestorm Support Center Island. I was more curious than really helpful so went over to help test.  What a surprise ! I had never been over to the Center Island before,  only to the classrooms in the sky. After I assisted in the test, which is for a new more personal system that will begin  when it is ready and will be  announced in the blog. 

 I went for a stroll around to see what was there. The team has a marvelous tutorial for newbies . One of the best and simplest I have seen lately. On arrival, the avatar  takes a stroll along a pleasant path stopping at billboards that teach the basics of Second Life starting with walking, jumping, sitting flying and progressing to more activities one needs to learn for ease in second life. A barrier “teases” the avatar to learn the task before passing on or won’t let you go.  I was glad to see clear directions on using the camera which is so important. Instructions are simple to follow and give a notecard with further help for” ifs and buts.” Example: an Apple computer with different instructions as having only one button on the mouse. 

There are also clothing freebies  along the way and changing rooms. At the end of the instructions there is a set of billboards with landmarks to more help places in SL where you can find more information, freebies and people to meet. I liked the etiquette section for newbies that aided in meeting people and the best way to fit into conversations and make friends easily. I think everyone should take a walk along the path just to see it. The directions are set for any viewer help. 

Firestorm is my favorite viewer, so I was glad to see how helpful their classes are too along with the wonderful support help group. I learn so much just from listening to the answers to questions from other users. I applaud the effort the volunteers  put into making Firestorm so good.  

Gemma Cleanslate

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