Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Update

By Gemma Cleanslate  
 I wanted to update you on the still existing winter fun places. I bought some lovely winter skating and skiing and walking outfits so want to use them before packing away in a box . I took a quick tour and some of those I wrote about have already started to melt, like Calas sims which will be closed for February. but still has skating and skiing until the end of the month. Horseback riding there is always great fun. I went over to Palma to check and took the tram tour and tho winter decor is there. Valentines Day is the theme at the moment. and it is absolutely beautiful. I get the idea this is a place where friends love to just hang out and chat. 
 Aero Pines is still covered with snow and  ice and the festival ends January 31 so take a look.  . But, I see the Football stadium (American Football Superbowl   Feb 2. )  is in place for the big game Sunday and there will be a big party going on.There are some cute outfits and players uniforms available for purchase nearby. Cindy Bolero also sent out a message to say that the lovely Mer village has moved to a new location . Pick up a brochure at the Park to see all the fun activities open to you there. 
There was one spectacular region from years past  that I did not find. It was one of the first winter activity place I ever visited in sl at least 6 years ago and I was so sorry to find it missing. The sims on Wolf Mountain Resort had so much to offer all year round. I talked to the former owner, Ṧṇö Winterẘölḟ (peach.fizz). She told me sorrowfully it is gone for now but hopes someday to resurrect it . I hope so too and wish her well. Have a terrific sl  winter before it is gone. I think winter started  a bit early in some venues and ended at the New Year. Well,  I can visit the Aussie winter places in the summer but then I will have to unpack my boxes... too much trouble!
Gemma Cleanslate

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