Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trade Winds

By Joshua Xaxier

Back from Davey Jones' locker, Josh was feeling keelhauled by his search for a new adventure, until he decided to weigh anchor and search for new seas to sail.

Praise Neptune! We found "the Sea Serpent mk5" and it was free. Surely, this was the perfect, "one of a kind", mode of transportation for a showman that would be hidden beneath the waves. Returning home, he thought it wise to take it for a test run in Sunweaver Bay, before heading for open waters. As luck would have it, Rita had just drained the bay, to locate property lines for the placement of the new Club Infinity, the reincarnation of Little Dove. Albert, the captain of the bay's fire department, was in a panic, because his beach was now high and dry. We assured him that work was being done and the water level would return on the next day. We opened the world map, to see if there were any nearby water sims, that might have space and allow us to rez the submarine for a test drive. About seven and a half miles West of Sunweaver Bay, there is a group of water sims, dotted with small islands. Zooming in, we noticed one of the isles was named Cartagena. Long before becoming a reporter, Sha had visited an island by that name and had made friends with a pirate there. The pirate took her for a ride on his ship and planted the seed that would, one day, lead her to sailing the Blake Sea. She had forgotten where Cartagena was located and hoped to re-discover it.

 If this was the same, lost island, it would surely make Josh's adventure a double hitter. If it was the same island, we knew that the area's administrators had set rules that would need to be followed, including only using ships from the 17th and 18th centuries, dressing in period clothing and talking like a pirate. Knowing there were no submarines back then, we hoped that, being beneath the waves, would keep us below the administration's radar.
Knowing that Sha had spent a week exploring the Blake Sea and reported finding interesting places on the sea floor, he goes to the Marketplace to see if they had any unique underwater vessels that could be purchased with his limited budget.

We selected the Sabres Edge sim to begin a zig-zag course that would take us through all 11 sims. Ultimately, we found that rezzing ships is allowed on all the sims, but within the first 300 meters of the stealth voyage, we received an IM from Amber Murfin, one of the Estate Administrators. Somehow, she knew I was an outsider and piloting a forbidden vessel. I explained that I was a reporter for the Newser and researching for an article. I said, if required, I could switch to my HMS Phoenix, an 18th century frigate, with 18 cannons, or, with her permission, stay beneath the waves for this one time to finish my research. She granted permission and provided me a notecard with rules of the estate and the web site that listed approved ships

I covered the majority of the sims, using the mk5 sub, but then had it returned to my lost and found, when I lost my connection and got knocked off SL. On returning, I TPd to each of the remaining sims, to confirm that all of them allowed rezzing objects. I enjoyed sailing the estates and will likely return using my frigate.

When going to RP sims, it is polite to follow rules regarding staying in character, based on known history. Keep in mind though, history, like all sciences, is not completely known. If only humans are allowed on these sims, that does not mean there were no furry pirates. It only means the historians didn't write about them or the readers skiped those chapters. After all, how many pirate fans know that the skull and crossbones was used on ships in the Americas, before Columbus got here or that, before they were called pirates, they were Knights of the Temple?

Josh X 

Editor's Note: It looks like officially the rules state "humans (and mers) only," but it seems this rule is seldom enforced. I had gone about the Trade Winds grounds myself as an anthro mouse in a buccaneer outfit ("I be a pie rat") without complaint. That is until Monday March 4 when the place was being filmed for "Designing Worlds" when exactly one resident IMed me saying my avatar was a problem. This could be an issue to some furs, whom would rather take their avatars, and money, somewhere else where their presence is no problem. On the plus side, Trade Winds group chat is full of lively chatter and jokes with playful banter and not an ounce of drama.

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