Friday, March 14, 2014

Seraph City is Saved, Moved to New Sim

By Bixyl Shuftan

Just a few days after it was announced that the Seraph City sim was closing, it was leaked to Second Life Newser that plans were in the works to save the "Dieselpunk" place. We can now confirm Seraph City will go on, but at another sim called Symbiosis.

Nika Thought-werk (robotnika), whom goes about Steelhead in a small steampunk robot avatar, or "clank" as they usually call them, helped lead the effort to preserve the retro-future city area. In the evening of Wednesday March 12, I was invited to Club Seraph, along with several others, most I recognized from my times at Steelhead. There, I met up with Nika, in addition to several others, including Edward Pearse, the administrator of the old sim, "Come in and pull up a pew," and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander). Nikia greeted me, staying in-character, "You must forgive me ... I do not do well with big words."

Asking them about when action began to save Seraph City, I was told talk among them had started right after the announcement of the closing was made, Baron Wulfenbach, "Nika and I were meeting about other matters and the announcement came in the middle of that. Then the event in the evening provided a convenient impromtu meeting of concerned citizens." Edward stated, "I think there were about half a dozen different groups considering things right at the start. They sort of coalesced into things as word got around."

Talk went to how some were around Seraph City since the start. Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) stated, "I was the first renter. You could argue that my place was on the mockup." Baron Wulfenback added, "Fraulein Ceejay Writer was one of the first; Lady Breezy Carver and Herr Doktor Fabre had the Clarendon back then." Edward remarked, "The original founders were Pumpkin and Tesla Tripsa, and Kaylee Faulkner. I came in about 3 months after it went live. ... there's been a few faces come and go."

Gabrielle Riel told me, "Seraph City, like many sims, 'branched' off from another community. The original owners were all residents of Steampunk New Babbage. And several (all?) of us are/were New Babbage residents. So they made the transition from Steampunk to Dieselpunk." Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) commented, "One thing about that have a lot of really talented and demanding builders. It is what helped give that 'feel' to the city." Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) gave an odd look, "De... oh, yes, 'demanding.' I thought you had said demented." Gabrielle grinned, "Well, that too."

So now that Seraph was no longer in danger, what were the plans for the place? Nika answered, "I believe we wish a slow period to think of layout ... and theme. I believe we wish a slow period to think of layout ... and theme. It will stay diesel-punk and decked-out deco ... But we wish to give people a true taste of what Seraph means and is." Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) thought, "There is a good bit of rebuilding to do, and with new tools." Edward seconded her motion, "Yes many of the old builds were pre-mesh and pre-64prim even." "3 years is a long time in SL in terms of building technology," Gabrielle commented. Edward added, "I've been looking at inspiration for a new City Hall. ... I want to try and rebuild the Hawksmoor apartments along something similar to its original style. The Hawksmoor was between here and the City Hall. It got accidentally returned after someone left a giant object on the street"

It was about this point that we were joined by Saffia Widdershins, "and there is our resident media mogul." Greetings were exchanged, and she joined in the conversation. Saffia told of having some buildings here, "at the moment I have three. There is the cafe - which I need to update to mesh. Then there are the offices of Harland Quinn - the detective hero of The Blackened Mirror. Those offices are currently furnished in 1960s style ... I need really to decide what to do about (them). That in part it depends on what the scripts for Series 3 will be .... "

Edward commented, "I'm hoping the Arcade can stay but that will depend on how we go forward with retail plots." He then slapped himself for using the phrase "going forward." Nika looked his way, "Mister Pearse ... its ok ... the mustache absorbed most of the blow, I think." There were a few chuckles in response.

Saffia continued, "And then I have The Daily Prim - which Jed here built, which is a great 1930s newspaper office." Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) commented, "Which is due for a facelift most likely." Saffia suggested, "Well, I think we could meshify it. ... and I'd like to do more with it - make it a center for roleplay." She looked to me, "Bixyl - if some of the Newser staff would like to join in, that could be great fun." "Sounds interesting," I responded. Saffia added, "It has offices for journalists - advertising people - an office for me ....a small radio studio for news bulletins - a bull pen for staff reporters. ... Frau Lowey has an office there." Baron Wulfenbach looked at our conversation with amusement, "Sounds like he wants an office as well." "That could be arranged," Saffia answered him.  After a few chuckles, Saffia added, "We ran a murder mystery game based around there for a long time."

Before long, Saffia had to depart. Nika had to head out as well, "I am sorry - the ghost wishes to exit as well ... she had a long day.  Might I be excused, please?" We answered by wishing her good night. Before leaving, she gave one last comment, "Thank you, one and all ... for letting me be a part of this!"

The rest of us were soon going our separate ways as well. With a unique area in Second Life now in safe hands, we would sleep a little easier that night.

*Addition* - Second Life Newser was later informed that the name of the sim was changed to Seraph City once the old sim was gone.

Bixyl Shuftan

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