Friday, April 4, 2014

DaVinci Gardens

 By Gemma Cleanslate
Checking out old landmarks to verify that a site is still there can be dangerous. It may drop you in an entirely new locale or it may still work but when you put down you may be some centimeters off and at the bottom of an ocean or in a wall. I went over to DaVinci Gardens because I had not been there in a long time and did land in the ocean but made my way up to the shore. This region is so full of offerings and pleasures  that you have to go several times. There are always visitors when I arrive at this sim because of its beauty and accessibility. 
The creator and owner, Felixx Shepherd can often be found just hanging out in the sims. He has made some amazing changes since I last visited. The region contains a surreal mix of builds from the ocean floor up into outer space and you can see it all. A teleport system will guide you to the points of interest, but I find it fun to climb the stairs of the castles or wander down below also. There is something for everyone in this region. To get an overview you can take a ride on a flying feather, or hop on the flying carpet, or best of all take a dragon ride and zoom around the spires of the castles or swoop down over the islands and dangerously close to the burning lava at the volcano or barely missing the parapets of the castles.  There are temp rezzers at all the locals that give you a teleport board where you can choose your next  destination. If you like to go dance with a loved one there are comfy nooks everywhere to just do that, or just sit and talk. Visit the disco in space for a fun dancing venue.
 Those who love underwater adventures will enjoy the the deep waters filled with surprises . It is gorgeous .  I wandered over to  the alien caves where you find eyes everywhere watching you and alien beings  that appear and disappear as you pass through. The Egypt exhibit high in the sky  is complete with sphinx, pyramid, hieroglyphs and  temples with secrets for you to discover. I walked down the stairs in one and found myself inside  the pyramid in the  tomb of the royal guards. Wear the torch. Watch out for the asps, and flying bats. The whole build is most impressive, everything Egypt, very beautifully done. Guided Barque ride is available, or try the ride on the giant scarab beetle.

If you love winter sports visit the winter wonderland where you can still ski, take a sleigh ride or skate surrounded by snowflakes and delightful winter decor. I noticed some sweet cottages there for rent near the frozen pond.

The Dream Slide is an amazing almost supernatural experience, psychedelic in nature. Tiny tropical islands dot the waters and when visiting you can rezz a tiki canoe to enjoy. 
I boarded a space ship and was met with  “Greetings dear space traveller! This rocket will take you to any planet of the solar system. Please force the sun to midnight and go up the stairs. The rocket will open automatically. In the rocket choose >Tp to Start Center<. Now sit on the chair and hit the start button. Have fun, your info droid."

(Servant Droid: ...translating into human language.) "Greetings master! If you need general information please touch the green button on the board. If you touch me, I give you the equipment for your spacewalk when we have reached space.”

I will have to go back to complete the ride. so many more adventures await you on  visits to The Garden. I know you are going to love the place and have lots of fun! This is a good place to start your travels and where you will find the dragon ride and teleport board.  
Gemma Cleanslate

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