Monday, April 14, 2014

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek may look like a simple residential sim, however it is much more than that. It is a community of roleplayers, who have come together, and made a city. Not only are there nice people here, the general air of the sim, itself, makes this a great place to make friends, and even start RPing.

The owners, Ashley and Ace Walker, started the sim, on February 28, 2014. It was meant to be a place where people could come and have fun. Not only have they met their goal, they surpassed it. They not only run the sim, they even personally meet each person that visits the sim, whether or not they are going to rp here or not.

Just take a trip here, if you are looking for a place to RP. Visit the sim anyway, even if you're not going to rp here, it is such an awesome place, and it is so well designed too. Of the buildings here, I know for a fact, that the fire station was made by Ashley, herself, from scratch.

Yes, there is a fire department here, there is also a police department, and there is sometimes a department of transportation as well. How would I know all this? Well, that is an easy one. I am a firefighter on the sim. I love this sim, not just because I am friends with the owners, but also because I love to rp, and meet new people.

If you love RPing, and meeting new people, come here, and take a look. It will become a favorite place for you, really fast. I promise, taking a trip here, will not end badly. You will be amazed at how much two people can accomplish, and you may find yourself coming back, very often, that's normal. It's an awesome sim, and it will do that to you.



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