Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Land of the Giants

By Gemma Cleanslate

Since I wrote about the Greenies Tribute in LEA ( ) and loved their house so much my editor gave me an assignment to go see another huge home. It is the Land of the Giants and is a wondrous build. Arriving at the house was an event. I was greeted by 'Papparazi’ taking my picture.  

 I entered the house, passing by some giant visitors waiting for entry,  and found a horse carriage with a driver waiting to take me around so I hopped in and took the tour. It is a house of numerous rooms filled with giant furniture, appliances and people. I was surprised because I thought they would not be home but there they were, so occupied they did not see all the tiny avatars like little insects,  exploring their dwelling. After I took the guided tour, I hopped off and walked and flew through the various rooms examining everything there. It is evident the creator also loved the Greenies. 

I learned the owner has SL children and that they are secreted in this house in their own living spaces, well hidden from the giant family but can be found scattered in various areas of the home. The kids are decorating their own areas to each taste. Randy Burt, the creator told me, “Along with the Giant's house I had to find places for my 8 SL kids.  So they have hidden rooms inside the big house, a leprechaun is usually around the secret doorways so people can explore.  The kids are making them themed, some are just rooms with their stuff, others are a mouse hole with Tom and Jerry things inside, one is a superhero theme, one is a bowling alley, one is Alice's tea party, all hidden, but open to everyone.” 

I was able to visit  several of their rooms scattered behind walls and perched high enough so they are not visible to the inhabitants. The bathtub has 7seas fishing and was happy to see that and one of the kids, Adam, hosted a contest for us.  I came across  a sign for a bubble ride in the giant kids playroom and took the ride. It is a long tumbling ride that goes for a while . At one point I found my self in a giant pinball machine surrounded by pictures of Superman! It is a fun ride but make a landmark there and go back after your tour of all the activities and hidden fun. Try the carnival rides in the child’s playroom. There are great bumper cars to rezz. 

In the kitchen, I hopped in a canoe for a ride on a stream made from a spilled giant soda bottle, and ended up in the pipes below the house. They were full of scary creatures, bugs and spiders and other nasty creatures, but I got out alive . I found another SL kids room and took a short nap after that trial. 

I discovered a TP to a maze and off I went. The maze is a temptation of goodies, every type of candy you can imagine lines the walls causing salivation with every step. There is an option to time your movement there to see how long it takes you. I chose no timing. 

Next to the maze I found that there is an event every Sunday at 6:00 PM SL time .... a demolition derby with linden prizes! Sounds like great fun but too late for me! I know there are more surprises there and I have not told you about them all.  I am still looking for the bowling alley.  Plan to spend some time in the house or to come back more than once.

Gemma Cleanslate

Editors Note: The Demo Derby and candy maze are run by the Creations for Parkinson's group. The group's leader Barbie Alchemi, whom with her RL mother Fran Serenade and friends can be found at the derby every Sunday when it takes place. 

*Update* Barbie stated that the builder of the maze is Almostthere Inventor, whom also hosts the Demo Derby.

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