Wednesday, May 28, 2014


By TheonlyJohnny Resident

The Tellus Sector, is a single sim, with many parts to it. Like all roleplay sims, there are IC (in character) areas, and an OOC (out of character) area. Also like other RP sims, it has a back story, that must be followed, otherwise the back story is useless. However, few RP sims are as in depth, as The Tellus.

The sim itself is a wonder, to behold. One might wonder how it's possible to stick a city, right in the middle of a wasteland, without all the greenery dieing. Well, they did it at The Tellus. They built a domed city, in the middle of a wasteland, filled it with trees, grass, buildings, and even water, and it has blossomed.

The secret to this amazing achievement is the fact that the dome filters out most wind, and heat. Without it, the city wouldn't even have lasted a few weeks.

If you wish to read more about the city, you can check out their wiki, .

The amazement doesn't stop there. The people of this RP sim are not only helpful, they are awesome roleplayers, who love to RP. No matter what, if something is wrong with your character, weapon, vehicle, or whatever, they not only will let you know, they will give you advice as well. They don't just care about if they're having fun rping with you, they care about if you're having fun.

If you're not having fun, don't fret, they are all extremely helpful, in their own ways. Whether they tell you your weapon won't work there, or that your building isn't right, or that your outfit shouldn't be a certain way, whatever it is, they will let you know. However, most people would question how that helps if they just say something is bad. Well, don't start questioning just yet. It's the way the let you know that helps you.

They will not tell you, "You're gun isn't allowed here." They will actually say, "You're gun isn't allowed here, since you can't find parts for a sniper rifle (using sniper rifle as an example), or other guns that use bullets that large, or are that large, in the wastelands."

They will let you know what's wrong, and why it's wrong, which really helps you figure out the best things to use.

Not only are the people nice, but so is the sim itself. So much time, and work was spent on building just the main area, which may not look like much to some people, but if you explore it, you will see how much work really was put into making this RP sim.

All in all, I think that Tellus is one of the best RP sims in all of Second Life. If you're ever looking for something to do, go ahead and check it out.


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