Thursday, July 10, 2014

Storytelling at Rawhide Native

By Grease Coakes

Due to real life work having the same schedule every week for a long time I wasn't able to see DJ Aurora for a while. But another event I missed out on was Heartspeaker's storytelling at Spirit Nations every Thursday (article). I gave it a shot but Mary said no I need you on Thursday for the truck. Mary is a nice lady, but I know better than to push my luck. Luckily on my day off on Wednesday Heartspeaker told a story today so I was able to say hi to my friend and hear another of his stories.

Spirit Nations the sim itself shut down however Heartspeaker said on voice that the Spirit of Spirit Nations lives on at

Before Heartspeaker told the story of lightning bolt he made small talk with Two Medicines and myself. He commented the book he bought which had the Lightning Bolt story he was telling today. Raimi a friend of mine accepted an invitation to join me in listening to Heart's story. The day I wrote this article and heard Heart's story was July 9th and Heart said his birthday was the previous day July the 8th I wished him a happy birthday. Heartspeaker said the hat I wear made by Hawkin Starsider was the cat's meow for me or the fox's yip. Hawkin Starsider created the hat and I bought it years ago at the original spirit nations sim. As I was talking with Two Medicines and Heartspeaker the effects of the sim were pretty to look at as I saw dandelion seeds floats towards me on my screen.

Lighting bolt went to see his teacher Goose Flying as Goose Flying was telling of an event in the future. He sent Lightning Bolt to see Iron Blanket down the mountain on the Wyoming side of the river.

Lightning Bolt had a vision of the goddess and traveled on a horse named Big Nose. He saw the universe and mother nature appertaining the beauty of snowflakes and rainbows. Also the beauty of magpies. He asked is life and death interchangeable. And the magpie said yes. Looking for knowledge and answers, he joined the army looking for money and riches.

Heartspeaker told the story at a perfect pace in an elderly voice with vigor. It was fun listening to him add emotion to the voice. When he finished the story, he laughed remembering when one of Heart's elders named Chima a 6th generation Native American told him he would tell stories for a living. When heart was younger He blew off Chima's prediction thinking it was nonsense. Today it's very clear that Heart is an excellent storyteller.

There's more to the Rawhide club than Heartspeaker's story telling there were many sights to see. two medicines the child avatar hung out with me and Raimi chattering away acting like a five and half year old (but in real life she is very much an adult).

Wandering around the sim I saw a pretty waterfall and a picture of a Native American prayer. Also many various animals and sounds effects you would hear in nature of just being outside. I also saw a tall totem pole colored turquoise. There's also a shop to purchase Native American clothes. There's also dance balls of water dances around a pit.

Two Medicines confirmed that Heartspeaker still has his story time at 1pm every Thursday.

As Heartspeaker said the spirit of Spirit Nations is still in Second Life in the Rawhide Club. Native Americans have a presence in Second Life just like in the real world practicing their beliefs and traditions.

If you're curious about Native Americans and their beliefs and the way they speak with spirits feel free to stop by and look around. Or if you want a place to relax and hang out to try something new the rawhide club may be right for you.

Grease Coakes

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