Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dance Island

By Wesley Regenbogen

 Dance Island is one of the places you can visit if you are into dancing and listening to good music. Sometimes you can enjoy a live set of many of the DJs that are resident in the club. If you are into dancing,just click on the floor and choose your dance animation and your avatar will start dancing. Aside the club itself there are many tattoo shops and other shops around the Dance Island area that you can visit and buy items from.

Dance Island was created by a few citizens (Rich Greenberg, Roxette Mabellon and Deirdre Masala ) on July 29th 2007. So Dance Island is nearing it’s 7th birthday soon. The club building was created by a citizen called LadyXray Acer. Since February 16th 2013, Money Wonder and Deirdre Masala have been the current owners of Dance Island. Deirdre Masala is currently the general manager of Dance Island. Her main tasks are hiring hosts and, managing the schedule.

Aside the group called “Dance Island”, they also communicate via Facebook, Google Plus and SL Events. They also have a stream on UStream ( ), in which they broadcast most days between 8 am and 2 pm.
On their 7th birthday, Dance Island has scheduled a 24 hour event in which 24 of the best djs of Dance Island will play their sets in a one hour slot. More information on this event is made public very soon.
And last but not least, readers can find more information about Dance Island on these pages :

I wish everyone that visits Dance Island a great stay there and maybe we could meet eachother there one day. Also enjoy the fine music that is played in Dance Island.

Wesley Regenbogen

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