Friday, April 17, 2015

Otium and Giovanna

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been to Otium several times. Franz Markstein , the owner, has created this lovely quiet place on Serena Long Cay for the pleasure of the visitors. He says, “Otium is Latin for leisure and laziness. Otium also explains the philosophy of this archipelagic retreat. Get away from your necessities and obligations and slip into the intellectual leisure of the creative dimension. Otium is the ideal place to relax.“
There are expansive beaches with relaxation places, tiny islands, some of which are private as I found out by the warning. The sounds of the waves and gulls and the views from the beach are so welcome after the business of Second Life. The town sits on a pinnacle reached by a winding steep stairway. Here you find quaint homes and shops, patios and bars in the walled village. It is a very relaxing place. 
Now there is an added element to add to the your enjoyment, LINE exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise. I have written about Giovanna’s showing of her pieces in LEA and also her Retrospective some months back. When you land you will be in a building where you will see her art on the walls and suspended in air. As you walk out there are pieces spread all throughout the town and outside the walls on the rim of the cliffs. Down on the beach there are more pieces sprinkled across the beach so take a walk there not to miss any. 
Giovanna describes the exhibit as, “Creation of a path-research on the infinite freedom hidden in two-dimensional and three-dimensional size. The line, with its lightness incisive, inspired the transposition of the complexity of the solid structures of some of my work in new areas, expression of pure essentiality.” 
The pieces are diverse . Out on one of the islands I found ghostly figures hovering over the water called Sirene. Ice Castle on the beach is interactive so hop in. 

I know you will enjoy your visit and perhaps return many times to explore the setting . Pick up a notecard at the landing place that has landmarks for various art pieces to help you along the way. Begin your journey here in the ‘museum’  then wander the streets before you make your way to the beach.
Gemma Cleanslate

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