Monday, April 11, 2016

Forest of Dreams

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Step into my dreamworld and I will show you what my happy place looks like...... A world straight out of a fairytale where you can find magical creatures around every corner. A haven for  those who look for a tranquil environment, a home for fairies, fauns, elves and those who love to be lost in a dreamworld... Welcome!"
And so it is! This is the world of .ηєssα zαɱorα. (Noralie78 Resident), who does landscaping and terraforming in Second Life. I visited her winter sim, which offered so much winter beauty and fun for visitors that I spent a lot of  time there skating and roaming. Now her latest build is just filled with trees, flowers, waters and magical settings to explore and enjoy alone or with a lover or friend. Tiny fairies will greet you as you land and follow for a while.
There are so many places to dance or cuddle in solitude (unless a nosy reporter comes by). Teleports offered to take you to various places, and I did take them. They are glowing rocks placed in each area for you to use. But then I walked the region along the paths through the trees, and through lots of foliage over hill and dale. Shafts of light focus your eyes on what you see. I passed deer and unicorns hidden in groves.
In one area I found quaint elven homes, much like the hobbits, built into the land. Inside it is cozy, with chairs made of branches, comfortable for elves who still use nature to surround themselves inside as well as out.
The Temple, almost hidden and built inside a rocky hill, is a place to listen and look and reflect. There are candles placed against the walls, drifting light shafts, and a rushing water fall, a place of peace. I found a boat and oars and took a quiet ride through the waterways that wander the sim passing resting areas and small gazebos scattered along the way. I climbed a long set of stone stairs that lead to ruins on a hill which gave a wonderful view of the region. Across a wooden bridge I found a meditation circle with soft musical sounds or relaxing tones that surround you and circles of soft light drift in the air. It is located high above the treetops.   
 The sim brought back memories of the lost Apollo sims that I used to enjoy so much, long gone. It is all enchanting and a delightful place to visit in spring . Put it on your list. It is all there for your pleasure.

Gemma Cleanslate

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