Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Time Portal Community Hub

By Gemma Cleanslate

Frau Jo Yardley, creator of the famous Berlin Project has a new location for lovers of time travel. I visited the hub and was thrilled to experience several of her new sites that are completed and open to the public. There are more to come and under construction. France is next I believe.  The name of the ‘hub’ is “Time Portal Community for time travelers and virtual history”. Landing there for the first time is a an experience in itself. There are three spinning portals now to walk through in this scientific looking center. Three more portals have a sign saying Opening soon. 

Also on the wall there are some tiny spinning portals that will take you to destinations off site to other historical builds owned by other creators. It makes it so convenient while on exploration of the grid to just click and go. The era portrayed in these sims is also indicated in case you want to go looking like a citizen of that time and perhaps find a new role play community. On another wall is the Information board so you can keep in touch with information about the Portals and events. This region is right next to Berlin so you may wonder over there from one of the streets.  

My first trip was through the portal of the Victorian era where I stepped into the years around 1890‘s. I went through the seedy part of town to the town square.  I found horses and carriages along the streets outside the shops as I wandered along peering into the buildings . I stopped into a shop called “The Curious Seamstress" featuring clothing of the period for ladies of fashion and farther down the street I found a gentlemens shop. I stopped in at the London Hall where I found a magic lantern show set up and waiting for customers. This area is certainly a delightful reminder of historical setting the stories of Marley and Scrooge, whose shop I passed.

Walking through the next portal I entered the years of the 20-30‘s 40‘s. Here along the street I found elegant autos lined up in front of “The Calendar Club”. Numerous shows were advertised on posters in the windows and on the walls of buildings. The change of the style of the art deco buildings and furnishings showed how much  modernization had taken place between these years and the Victorian age. Shops with vintage clothing for this era. In one shop I found furniture and decor from the 1920s and next to that a vintage hat shop with stylish cloches for sale. I came across “The Curious Seamstress” again but up to date fashions in this shop.I almost bought an antique auto but controlled myself! I stopped in at the old well known Delmonico’s Restaurant known here a Clarrington’s Delmonico, bar, restaurant and shopping. Across the street I found some great gotchas. Just stepping into all the buildings is a study of history . 

Stepping into the next portal was more familiar since many remnants of the 50-60‘s still remain as part of the environment to this day in many cities.The Pink Flamingo Diner in its pastel colors ,with long cabriolets in front, is the first building your eyes are drawn to . Another eye catching build is the Cinema with posters of Jimmy Dean on the front. Again I was so tempted to buy the era car. I did stop at the pizza shop! How interesting to see the changes in the offerings of food and vendors over the decades from the Victorian era.  

There is much to see and experience in these three open portals. I would take a look now so you will be ready to visit the portals under construction when they open. It is a fun region to visit and offers opportunities for getting a look at sims off site too. I used to enjoy visiting the ports of call from the ship Galaxy. This is a similar opportunity I hope you like!  So far I have taken an out trip to Rocco Sorrentina 1784 Italy, in the baby portals on the wall. There are five more! My next trip is to Ancient Rome.   Here is your entrance.

Gemma Cleanslate

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