Monday, February 6, 2017

Townies Presents Valentine and Mardi Gras Towns

By Gemma Cleanslate

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate ! .. greets you when you land at the entrance of Valentine Town by Laura Liberty. Candy and hearts are all around and this is a great place to shop for your valentine teddybears, gifts, balloons galore, other  decorations, and outfits. The quaint shops offer everything you can think of and more. There are a large groups of shops to explore . I saw some great greeting cards in one and in another, make your own musical card. 

There is a lovely little heart boat that lets you float along the river and under the town in a tunnel .( Would be fun with your honey.) Look for that. At the end of the ride is  a gumball machine that takes you for a harrowing ride bouncing above and below into the chocolate river and I survived. As I walked around I admired the shops and candy decor. 

And then ...

I found myself entering Mardi Gras Town!

The band was already playing the familiar tunes you hear all over New Orleans before Mardi Gras and actually all year round. I grabbed a free  hula hoop and had a great time!

Over here one can find anything they would like to have for the celebration of Mardi Gras at home or in a club.  Wonderful decor and outfits for everyone. I found some great masks in one shop. I  picked up a free Mardi Gras shirt  so look for that on a cart near the band.!

I also got a great free face animator and tried out the looks.

 I had a strong desire for a bowl of Gumbo! This is a drop in , bring friends and make a great party place. This band is here 24/7 and keeps up the music.Have a wonderful time and don’t miss it before the end of the season.    Here is the beginning of your adventure.

Gemma Cleanslate

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