Friday, February 24, 2017

CADERU 2017 Valentine

By Bloodykitty

 Ever wanted to enjoy what's left of February as well as Valentine's Day? Now you can! This may just look like a simple little town but it's oh so much more! Besides all the pretty building structures, lights, and all of the glowing lights you can shop as well! Upon following the arrows down the road and admiring the sights around you and taking note of the advertisements, it's really a beautiful place to be.
CADERU 2017 Valentine is located in the region of Clover, the estate being titled as Metabirds2 and owned by Asma Harcourt. I had gotten a few looks around the place and even went into the main area which upon going inside the tunnel at the end of the lighted arrows is a little market. There you can buy from gachas and main vendors on whatever goodies your heart desires. I would've bought some stuff myself but as a renter we all must save a little buck or two right?

Inside the shop there are some wonderful vendors and gachas and at really neat prices too for those of you who are looking to save a buck like myself for other things. The items range from Valentine's Day themed to sweet treats, clothing, accessories, and other assorted goodies which you can't go wrong on!
Besides an in-world location, the little event and shop also as a site for you to go to to check them out further, some of it's in Japanese and or Chinese so you may not be able to understand unless translated, but I promise it's worth the look! Here are both the SLURL and site link for you to navigate to and explore!


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