Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cerridwen's Cauldron

By Fritter Enzyme

An emerald gem of a sim in Second Life, Cerridwen's Cauldron can offer you hours of exploration, with fun and wonderful photographic possibilities.  Fantasy flora and buildings are the theme.  And I know, you haven’t seen anything like them.  Underwater, on the land and in the air, there is no shortage of relaxing environments to meet up, snuggle and dig the music from Groove Salad on the stream. 

The Dawn Tower spires up to offer beautiful and exotic views of this land.  Pierlounge is a small waterfront hangout.  Fungiloung with its glowing mushrooms and waterways has much to take in.  There are two tree lounges, again with great views from the sky.  I like the emloung, it is a cavern, with large glowing crystals, water and a bar.  Plants as well fill it with a mysterious aura.  More places than that to teleport to, but sometimes the fun is in the walking about between the locations given.  Midnight setting is cool, but I like more light for photography, in most cases.  It does give I a special splendor in the dark with all things glowing around you.  What a great thing it would be to see this in 3D!

You are going to like what you see, and better yet, you can purchase these items to bring to your own home in Second Life.  The basalt blocks, fungi, trees, most everything there is in the store vendors.  Low prim and nice prices.  There are even avatars to get. Do you like the buildings and structures that fill the sky and land?  Teleport to the building rez platform, vendors there can show them for you, to obtain your own part of the magic.

Now, don’t forget to join the group, you get invited to events, roleplaying, a free Order of the Spirit cloak, and other gifts.  If you enjoy it, why not expand the experience?

I always like to remind everyone to tip, even small amount, it all builds up, it all counts.  Look what kids did with the March of Dimes.  Having said that, the owner of this sim has a father with serious medical problems, so, if you can, pull a few Lindens out of those little pixel pockets and place them in one of the tip jars about.  Or buy many of the things you like there, because you will like what you see at Cerridwen's Cauldron!

Fritter Enzyme

Addition: A benefit event is being planed for the sim's creator Elicio Ember from April 1 to April 9, the details can be found in the press release

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