Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sakura Matsuri

By Bloodykitty

Welcome to Sakura Matsuri, better known as Nakamisei Street. This place is filled with small vendors of Japanese related things as well as cute stuff. The sim is located in the region of Ryukyu and owned by MORE Laville. Have you ever wanted cute clothes? Your in luck. Appliers? Sure! Items for your home? You bet your bottom! This lovely decorated market is home to all of those wonderful things.

Now I didn't get a chance to shop but I was mainly looking around the square and it's so beautiful with its small buildings, lanterns hanging all over the place, as well as the pink trees. Of course if you zoom out this sim may seem small but it's quite a good adventure to go through every single item, looking for the right one. Now I've been a shopping addict for as long as I can remember on Second Life, especially as soon as I got my few hundred lindens. Time to drop till you shop!

I recommend going here and checking it out, whether or not you plan to shop. The sights and sounds are a wonderful addition to every sim, especially a Japanese styled one. While there may not be music, there's still other sounds to enjoy while browsing and exploring. Come down today and hang around, maybe you'll even see me there!


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