Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Locations

By Gemma Cleanslate

It seems so early to start visiting venues all ready for both winter  activities. sports and/ or Christmas. The problem is most of the sparkling winter areas disappear so soon after the Christmas season and I don’t want you to miss any opportunities. Those sites that will stay around for your winter pleasures I will save for later articles. I have already seen Santa sitting in on his throne, and in another sim standing with his reindeer, not sure which one.

Let’s start with shopping fairs and bazaars. We are all thinking decor for either our home and yards , clubs, or regions. Now it the time to go looking without angst. Why wait til the last minute?

“Hello there and Welcome to Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar!  You are welcome to enjoy our winter setting by skating on our lake, playing on the rides or hang out in general just to shop but please be respectful of all other guests in the sim. Enjoy your visit and Happy Holidays!" 

That says it all! This is another delightful winter bazaar. I like the decor here which is a winter scene with charming little shops spread around the area. I love the large  Snow globes that dot the landscape. If you are looking for skating snowmen I saw them there on the skating pond for sale. I found some sweet gift boxes to fill with gifts. 

 The Christmas Fair is decorated,  many village  shops open, trolley running and so much to see. Not all the shops and kiosks are filled yet but they will be. The skating pond is open with some smooth skate balls for your use. As soon as you land the tree catches your eye. The shops I stopped in had so many decorative items for sale.It was hard to resist.

Join the groups and get notices of the daily activities going on at the stage area. I saw some wonderful outfits in the shops and so many lovely trees , garlands, Christmas balls and other decor. I am glad I left my purse at home! But this is a good place to start if you are looking for goods.

I love going to the markets that have kiosks because there is so much more there to look at and buy. At this Christmas Market 2017 the place is loaded with temptations! It is a nice compact place to shop and visit Santa  in his gazebo where you can sit and rest , or rezz a sled if you dare!

Magic Christmas Winter Wonderland was my next stop . There is a free saucer sled at the entrance and also free skates to grab. The little village is a good place to roam and listen to the music. The skating pond is set up with skate balls and I found a sled for one or three persons there too. This is a good stop to pick up some skis, skates, eggnog,,chocolate and just have fun. I rezzed a Santa saucer which took me down the hill. Enjoy the shopping break!

Gemma Cleanslate

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