Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Locations: Part Two

By Gemma Cleanslate

I stopped over at Cocteau at another fair, The Place Plaza Winter Bazaar. The kiosks are filled with more decor to help you get the Christmas spirit into your regions . I took a hot air balloon ride which gives a great overview of the varied places to visit after shopping. Behind the shopping area there is a lovely Winter wonderland with  an ice pond featuring skating balls for couples or singles. Among the trees are areas to sit, rest and talk or around the fire and have a sausage and beer.There are lots of opportunities for shooting photos for Christmas cards.

Over on the other side of the region where the established shops are I ran into one of the owners, Rainie Gates (turainia)  working on the Santa poses at his throne nearby. It is between the established stores and the kiosk area. This is great spot for a Christmas picture with Santa on his throne. Don’t forget to stop by the advent calendar before you leave .Enjoy! 

Christmas Lane is a place to find huge decorations or scenery for your region. Buildings, gazebos, hangouts, Santa chairs with Santa,  little shops, gingerbread houses, trees and so much more. Just moving along the lanes and seeing the lovely scenes I was so tempted even though I have no room for any of them at all. Each lane brings new delights to explore. Just the other day I ran into a sim owner who mentioned he still had to go shopping for winter decor and I told him to make sure to stop in this sim. Stop at all of the sims I write about!

Even if you are not shopping I would recommend you roam through the region trying out some of the interactive decorations. Look up in the sky too!

Winter Holiday Village has been here for  10 years and is celebrating !. I love this region.  Mairead (mairead.fitzgerald) and Preacher (sutra.kish) . the owners , create a place of magical snow filled fun. ... it has shopping rides, daily events, Santa and elves and so much more .Pick up their notecard with all kinds of help for your visit at the entrance . You also find a tp board there if you are looking for a certain shop. 

This year I took a snowy owl flight tour of the whole venue to see the new additions and changes from last year. The  quaint Village shops circle the extensive skating area that winds around and through tunnels and back to the main party area. The Lodge is welcoming with a  constant fire and warm cozy seating for those resting upstairs and down. 

The ballroom is set for dining and for show and for weddings.  Get all your information here . See you on the ice. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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