Sunday, December 24, 2017

Last-Minute Christmas Locations

By Gemma Cleanslate

If you want to take a magical sleigh ride through a winter wonderland with your honey or friends get over to Octavia for the North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure. Just cover yourself with a blanket , relax and enjoy the view. After crossing wooden bridges on a roadway that meandered through the woods and by decorated cottages the sleigh drops you off in the center of a sweet little town.

Santa’s Shop is located here near the restaurant where you can sit by the fire or order a complete meal, breakfast lunch or dinner from appetizer to dessert . I had some shrimp cocktail,  a taste of eggnog and a glass of wine. The menu is extensive!! I stopped outside to feed a hungry reindeer. There is a lovely pond for skating nearby with free skates. This is a lovely place to spend some Christmas holiday time.

Before I left I stopped into the chapel that is decorated with garlands and flowers for the season. Here is where you catch the sleigh. 

 Next I visited Haven Woods where Grim Reaper MC has set up an appealing winter venue. There is a teleport at each scene to help you around. I rezzed a flying sleigh and sat with Santa to take a higher view of it all. One  decoration I have not see as much as last year where they were everywhere is penguins,only a few here and there . Here they are skating and playing on the pond.

The creche at this venue is life size and includes animated figures.Take the chair lift up the hill to rezz a sled and make your way down. Before I left I visited Mr and Mrs Klaus in the gazebo and had a cookie . Chances here for some great photos. Make a stop on your travels at this cute little place.

One more beautifully decorated little town I visited and enjoyed a sight- seeing sleigh ride is Ville De Coeur. The dappled horse took me through the countryside by decorated homes , snow laden trees with tiny lights , past birds chipping winter calls. The little village is very like a French countryside village with three story homes all festooned with garlands and bows and window boxes of poinsettias.

You can pick up last minute gifts in the stalls of the outdoor market .I passed a few charming  restaurants  and outdoor cafes while wandering the streets. This is a quiet  place for friends or sweethearts to spend some time together relaxing and talking.

Have a wonderful Christmas and look at the SL destinations for  Christmas places to visit during this lovely season in sl. There are more out there to visit that I did not write about. I will have more venues for you that will continue to have winter vistas after the 31st . I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Gemma Cleanslate

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