Friday, March 23, 2018

Easter Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Laura Liberty does it again! Easter Town is ready for kids and grownups, people, animals, furries  to roam and have fun. Decor and outfits for Easter are in the cute shops circling the town.

I love the band that is entertaining just across the bridge from the entrance. The carrot car is a fun way to travel the roadway but be careful! There are other ways to travel that you will discover . I enjoyed the bubble ride .The balloon ride is always  a good look from above to check out all the possibilities.

I like to walk the roadway because there is a multitude of activities between the shops. tina (tanyja Resident) is sitting in the bunny chair where you can  take a picture with a bunny, and she is a strange bunny as usual. Here is my friend , Dally(Dallas Russell).  posing on her lap.

Absolutely do not miss the Peep Race.. If you don't really want to race at least go around the track to experience the sights along the way. I liked the peep papparazi I met on my tour. The track is not as easy as it looks at the start.

When you land pick up the information for the egg hunt. Lots of nice goodies in those eggs and number 1 is right there. The rest will not be that visible. Have fun! For those with talent in texturing there is an egg painting contest with a prize of  7000 overall. Check the decorating area for the notecard explaining all the rules to follow to qualify and all the prizes! Good luck to those who enter!

There is much more to explore and experience in the sim and fun adds to collect and wear . Make sure you get there this coming week before Easter. I could go on and on but want you to find your own amusements . However look for the freebie Bunny-hoppy Ball and others!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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