Friday, May 18, 2018

Rebel Yell

By Gemma Cleanslate

Rebel Yell is a winner of 10 gold AviChoice awards among others. The entertainment group is one of the oldest and largest tribute groups in Second Life. I have been to some of the shows in the past  and have written about their delightful winter sims over the years. There is now a new  region called Rebel Yell that opened with a grand party Sunday the 13th. It is a celebrities hangout. 

I visited last week before the opening to get the flavor of the sim. At the entrance you are able to rezz a bike if you like to ride over the bridge to a very fine restaurant, relax and have dinner on the open porches. The menu is extensive  from soup to nuts and champagne!

The island where the restaurant is located has paths for a nice walk about. I spotted several relaxing places along the way. Down on the beach there are many areas to hang out and talk. Or , grab a paddle boat for a ride on the river. I also tried a small motor boat. I found a tour boat also and took a ride in that. I came across a ping pong table that uses beer as a ball. It looked like fun! 

Above the entry area you have a choice of a full hot air balloon tour of the area and took that. The other choice is a fun ride up over the island with a handful of balloons carrying you . 

There are villas for rent on the sim so as you move around exploring be careful not to run into the ban lines of privacy protection .. especially while you are in a boat! 

I went back on Sunday to the opening party . This took place on an outdoor dance floor covered with tent like structure. Guiltyangel, an owner of the sim was greeting the party goers and Jamin Nakim-Lenoir(Stevie Edwyn ) , the DJ was providing lively dance  music for the crowd. 

It was a fun opening. Have fun on your visit. There are people taking advantage of the lovely sim all the time.
Gemma Cleanslate

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