Friday, May 4, 2018

The Return of Yadni's Junk

By Gemma Cleanslate

BrianL61 Landar (Prof Grey) is a very very busy man. For almost a decade he has been cataloging, photographing and protecting the extensive collections of creations of Arcadia, also known as Aley. Many designers in the past years have not liked Aley. Why? Because she made so many things in Second Life, it is hard to keep track. Everything she made was free, transferable, copy, unlink, and do anything you wanted with them. I loved visiting her special places in Second Life. There are a few left. Some one can request a library setup on their own sim as Grey Nacht and others have done.

Now, of all things Brian is adding to the library in Anilis with a collection of Yadni junkyard items! Yadni was another treasure in Second Life. He loved to distribute free anything. He decided to close the junkyard about three years ago, I think it was. Like disappeared places of olden days it is missed. I remember going over to check it out for one more time as I often do when things are about to disappear. Nostalgia. Brian has started making some of his items available for anyone in Second Life to pick up again.

This is a daunting project. I went over to take a look . Brian told me ,”as an example the gadgets category has over 500 items that will be photographed, this is needed so the vendor can display the items correctly. I expect this to take a couple more months at least to complete the work and get everything up in vendors.” It is on the second floor of the library, which can also be considered a museum. Brian is setting up vendors one at a time because he takes pictures of everything before he places them in the vendors.. It is all much neater than Yadni’s junk yard was but here is the beginning!!

Those who went to Yadni’s will recognize many of the old good junk! For those who never got to the junkyard it is a trip to the early days of Second Life to go through the vendors and look.

For those who do recall going there it will be a great reminder of the early days of getting freebies to use in home and sim . I know there are still some great freebie places around. These are unique.  I say do not miss the opportunity to check it out as it begins. I will let you know when there are many more vendors to visit.

And Brian told me that in the future he is planning on adding to the collections with Moard Ling creations , another early distributor of freebies at the Freebie Follies. He will keep himself busy for the next few years I think. This landmark will put you at the library  Enter the doors and Yadni is upstairs to the left but enjoy the walk!

Gemma Cleanslate 

Editor's Note: Contacting Yadni, he was happy to hear that he was still remembered here in Second Life. He invited his old fans to check out his current project, his artwork on his youtube channel

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