Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wheedle Gallery in Coniston to Close

by Klaus Bereznyak

Wheedle is the upstanding example of a second-life gentleman, a creative avatar who has contributed much to our world, not least as the creator of excellent freebies such as the Zorgone avatars and vehicles and as well as unique and affordable artwork for our walls. In a press release on the 14th August, Wheedle announced that his tiny gallery overlooking the harbor at Coniston was to close, and that he was also moving out of the adjoining cottage.

With characteristic wry humor, Wheedle explained there were two reasons for his decision. First of all, his ongoing campaign for Second Life Governor has been taking up more and more of his time. Wheedle explained, "It is surprising how demanding the campaign trail can be." Secondly, he cited the commute to and from his main art gallery in Calleta, which was just getting impossible with all the lag.

He also reassured us that the rumor that he had been abducted by aliens is totally false and was possibly spread by someone in Governor Linden’s employ.

The Wheedle Gallery has been part of the Greater Coniston and Keswick community for years, offering a regularly updated selection of his artwork. He will be missed. Thankfully Wheedle will continue to maintain his much larger gallery at the beating heart of mainland transportation on Calleta in Heterocera. He is also a staunch contributor and supporter of the eclectic art space at Wanderlust and Bench Art Park.

Wearing many hats, but most often the clockwork one, Wheedle has been active in Second Life since 2013. This latest development by no means implies that he is getting ready to check out of SL. On the contrary, he disclosed, "There is so much depth to SL. I doubt I shall experience, let alone master everything it has to offer.  Although I have come so far from my newbie days of trying to dress myself, I find there is so much more to learn. I find it funny when people here claim they are bored"

The Wheedle Gallery in Coniston will be abandoned sometime in late September. All are invited to visit before that time. He expressed his appreciation to his wonderful landlord Rey and stated that it was a delight living and doing business in the area.

We wish him all the best with his future endeavors and look forward to seeing what he does next.

Klaus Bereznyak

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