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Ville de Coeur

From Gemma Cleanslate

Tealcie  sent out a notice that the Second Life Regional - Search And Rescue  had opened a small station office in the Ville de Coeur . I was reminded that I had not been over there in a long time so off I went to visit the new station and the revisit the regions. No one was home so I looked around the office and then went off to explore.

Seven regions make up the Ville de Coeur micro-continent. These are:  Coeur d’Azur, Aquitaine Coeur Nord, Poitou Coeur, Normandie Coeur , Coeur de Bourgogne, Coeur Franche Comte, Coeur d’Alsace and some of these regions are monuments to the  actual  places.

Luckily right outside the office is a “Call a carriage “. A lovely antique 1934 car picked me up and took me off through the  narrow streets by shops and homes.This is a rich area with six regions of venues and activities. The fall foliage is still in bloom getting ready to drop but stunning.  One can hop out to see a site and there are more signs to call the carriage back again.

I stopped off at the Chapel de St Luc to visit  the quaint little village church, hopped a passing trolley and rode it back to the performing Arts Center.

I walked into a Liquers shop which also offered delicious snacks for your parties . I tried a cheese tartlette while I was there and a glass of  Panacek Vodka (yum). The shops are so diverse. lovely women’s clothing shops, furniture, decor, cars and more. One thing I noticed I saw several gentlemen’s clothing shops that had very stylish outfits. Some men complain about not finding clothes. This is a good place to look. Stop in at the Art Galleries where you will find some lovely art for your walls.

I  teleported over to check out the Bergson Bowling and sure enough it is still there and working!! I had an invite to have a game and did not have the time but fully intend to go bck soon. Next I visited the beach area by way of another ride in the 1934 car. When you call a carriage you get many destinations  for a visit. Choose one and have a lovely ride on the way.

At the little beach you have a choice of relaxing and taking in the view or riding a surfboard from the rezzer, swimming, or having a game of volleyball with friends. Jetskis are available too. Tai chi for exercise and peace if you want by hopping on the tai chi ball. If you walk down to the end of the beach there is  a Beach Bar -Bistro restaurant where you can relax with your friends. Have one of Tara’s ice creams before you leave. The trolley runs by to take you to another venue. Many modes of transportation are along the roads and streets of the towns.The residential areas have beautiful homes of various styles , some very opulent and others in the style of French cottages. Though there are French countryside regions they are English speaking.  If you are looking for a French countryside place as a home  check out the homes available and those for sale to take with you if you like.

While I was there a call to service came so I went along.

”The bells of L'Eglise de Bourgogne are ringing to call us to join Reverend Brody to commemorate those who sacrificed all in the World Wars of the Twentieth Century. Please join us today.A service of Contemplation, Prayer, Bible Readings and Hymns, Choralled by the Rt Rev Magnus Brody, Bishop de Ville de Coeur,a SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE FOR ARMISTICE DAY"

Seated behind me in the church were the owners of the regions , Bedrich Panacek-Guisse (Bedrich Panacek) Ayla Panacek-Guisse (Ayla Guisse). Bedrich told me there have been many changes since the old days and I did see them in my travels. After a short prayer in the church we moved outside to a Monument to the fallen where the service continued. I am glad I got to stay for part of it.

Each of the six regions has its own ambiance . The best way to experience that aspect is to stay on the trolley and you get to see each. I recommend taking your honey or a friend to do that ride.It takes time but is so enjoyable. I had forgotten how lovely and inviting these regions are and saw new ones too .There are horseback riding trails and you can rezz a horse if you do not have one. A long walking tour is also available and I took part of that too.. would be more fun with a friend.There are an assortment of events during the week .

I stopped in at a party in the square with DJ Nando for a while that was fun!

Put it on your list to visit and perhaps stay. At a Kiosk you are able to pick up lots of information . Another way to do that is to visit the website.  You are invited to join the group as a tourista to receive notices and get to enjoy the many activities and events.

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