Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Texas Tree Farm and Christmas Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

Though it seems early,  not even Thanksgiving in the USA yet , it really is time to start thinking of the next big holiday in second life.. Christmas!!! If you own a region or part of one I am sure you will be decorating for this special holiday. SL has the decorations, from huge to tiny.  I love traveling all around   checking out some special places  not only for shopping but for photos, fun and frolic over the season. Some creators plan on closing their sites right after Christmas, some plan for the first month of the New Year. That is why we need to get going now. I am going to try so hard not to spend too many Lindens!!! But....

My first stop was at the Christmas Under the Tree shop area and Texas Tree Farm on Larsen. Not only is there a marvelous shop with both gachas and non gachas but right outside the door is a wonderful Christmas tree farm.I found Tex Humby in the barn.

Here you can chop down  tree with the axe they provide and get a great photo.

I checked out the trees then, exhausted and hungry, stopped into the Cafe on the property. I picked up a wonderful sandwich and rested a bit. Then promising myself I would not spend any lindens roamed the shop admiring the gachas in there and keeping my hands in my pockets. I ventured into the non gacha area and already picked up a bread for my Thanksgiving table... sigh.

There are some items upstairs that you may like for your parties. The decor is delightful. I am afraid I may have to go back for the new candy giver. The shop has the wares created by  Summer Humby (DarkSummerSun Resident)  from trees to toys to all kinds of decor and trees. I met two little kiddies who were there looking for Santa and we exchanged landmarks I sent them off to a place I knew where he is already hanging out and they sent me to their home Christmas market which I will add to my list to visit.

My next venture was to check out the items of Alzahra Ames . Her place is called Christmas Village 2019. Again my hands came out of my pocket to grab a very lovely period  gown that I will wear when I go over to Dickens event. Here there are large decor items . If you are planning on many parties there are tableaux  especially for that , or a village area for shops if you need it, or snow falling areas of different rates of snow and other wonderful landscapes. Get items of large decoration for big areas. Check out the vendors on the walls of the shop.

I love the shop that contains Christmas decoration  . It is filled with many Santas in various scenes for your region or home. Have dinner with Santa. I wish I had a place for all these wonderful tableaux .

 I always wondered where people found the large Nativity scenes that graced their regions. Walk  into the .small cathedral  to see some examples. There are vendors on the wall there too.They are lovely. This is not a large area but if you peak out down the road there is  new market being filled up, May’s Place . It is a short walk across the street.

Gemma Cleanslate

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