Monday, December 2, 2019

Winter Holiday Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

Winter Holiday Village is one of my favorite Christmas places. I think it is one of the first Christmas places I visited shortly after I arrived in Second Life. I know it is the first place I ever ice skated and there are free skates available .

It is truly  to be called a village that has its center, and many venues not to be missed outside the village itself. It sits on a magnificent lake.

First I climb the stairs from the entrance by the pond  to visit the Magic of Christmas Shop. This shop offers the myriad decorations and outfits of Mairead (Mairead Fitzgerald) who  built  this site long ago. She is gone now but her husband, Preacher (Sutra Kish) keeps her vision of the Holiday  going. She is fondly remembered and a memorial sits at the entrance to the shop. There are many gifts for visitors on the wall inside so watch for that. This shop is full of all sorts of  holiday decor. 

After my visit to the shop I like to take a tour of the roads in and out of the village to see what Preacher has changed or added.Outside the shop is a sleigh for your ride that takes you all around the lake and lets you enjoy the sparkling trees and snow covered land. There are many places to hop off as you , tree farms, the lodge and more.

Farther along the way is the ski lift that will take you high up into the mountains where there are free skis , a sled that takes you down the mountain . There are teleports around to take you to the other venues you should not miss when you visit if you want to get there more quickly.

This is a wonderful place to visit with your honey or your friends. Santa of course will be there beginning December 1 on his throne waiting to hear your wishes. His elves keep him company.

Take your time at this holiday spot . It is a great hang out spot and couples friendly with skating balls and rides for couples. The skating around the lake , through the tunnel is spectacular . Join the group and you will have so many events to attend your will be dizzy.

You know I spent some Lindens here I always do. Along the lakeside  this year there
are little shops rented by creators to entice you and I found some wonderful winter scarves .
Check out the wares from different creators.

Gemma Cleanslate

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