Wednesday, December 11, 2019

More Christmas Markets

By Gemma Cleanslate

Christmas Lane by Bee Caudron of Bee Designs is another wonderful market to visit. Inside the market area and outside the sights are so cheery .She describes it as “A big  mall full of Christmas decor items in a magic place where you will feel the real Christmas spirit wherever you go.” and it is. Many artists presents their creations in the little shops. I did succumb to trying the gachas near the entrance. Watch out for all the cute critters running around.  This is another site where you must roam both outside inside the market area to see the enticing offers of winter decor. It is extensive.

If you are looking for a ‘Special ‘ Santa  ...  working Santa, a fire fighting Santa, a carpenter
Santa you need to stop off at Christmas at the North Pole. There is such a gathering of them just waiting to go to work for you  where ever you need them/ Perhaps your water region needs  a Santa to deliver gifts in a boat. Well, he is here waiting for you.

There are also loads of toys for sale here too in the elf’s store.Upstairs is the Animated Store. This is a great place to get to see the animated scene by rezzing it while you watch. There are so many animated scenes of Santa and I had a lot of fun!How about  a penguin slide!

Some people will be having fun gatherings for the holidays. If you are looking for some really goofy decor for the area or the house check out this place, Never You Mind.  It is a delight to visit and  if one really wants to buy some of the critters to roam around and just keep you company. There are singing elves, walking cupcakes, and so much more. There is a little tipjar at the entrance where you can get a little shoulder pet for a small tip. I got a couple.

Here is another “market” but with a purpose. The 4th Annual Winter Showcase at water Haven is open with loads of creations from clothing and some lovely art for your walls  to more decor and all for the charity, Team Diabetes of Second Life. The sponsor is Potomac Signature Homes.All the shops are filled with enticing items and there are many sheds also loaded with goodies.

Also “Scattered throughout the Christmas Lodge at the 4th Annual Winter Showcase, are pieces of Santa, after he crashed his sleigh! Grab one of the hunt huds  and ind the pieces and put Santa back together again and earn the prizes below! **Hunt huds are 250L's with 100% of the proceeds going to Team Diabetes of Second Life.**"   There are only a few more days to visit and take advantage and also contribute to the research funds. Events there everyday too.

Gemma Cleanslate

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