Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Town

by Gemma Cleanslate

Another of my favorite shopping , skating, having fun winter places is now open. Laura Liberty creates   bewitching town on ice every winter. This is the 10th anniversary ! 

Laura has changed the facades if some of the buildings and some other sites this year. There are a multitude of shopping opportunities for anything you need. And,  she looks ahead to the next year with a spectacular New Year shop. Visit the shops to see what you still need for your sim or home decor. Check out the clothing shops . There has to be something there that you will want to wear during the holiday season. Don’t miss the Gacha area.

The skating pond, as large as a lake is inviting but the castle is my favorite tour. Hop on a couples ball or on a single and just enjoy the figure skating hud through the castle. Remember the fun trip through the Halloween house with the tour of the horror movies? This marvelous tour takes you through the old , and new, movies of the season... The Christmas story, A Wonderful Life, Frozen,  and more. Try mouse look since you don't have to worry about moving along.

Tina (tanyja Resident), her able assistant, is  usually around in the sim hiding in a Santa outfit so if you want a photo with her just ask. There are sometimes hosts who will answer questions.
Do not miss the sled ride. Hang on tight and watch how you drive that sled !!

Gemma Cleanslate

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