Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Markets

By Gemma Cleanslate

I love to visit the sweet little Christmas markets with their little stalls housing goods from many creators that are around the grid . The snow covered trees and ground add to the festivity of the season. I am leaving my pocketbook home and just taking my camera along.

“3D Republic's  Annual Christmas and Winter Market. Bringing together many creators from various backgrounds to bring you the joy and creation they have brought to SL. Explore the market, be sure to stop at the gift tree for your gifts!” This is a lovely market to roam through.

When they say to stop at the gift tree they mean it! There is a treasure trove of gifts under that lovely tree from the artists at the market. Don’t miss it! Next to the tree is an easel that holds a list of other Christmas regions to visit.. some of which I will write about.

Here is 3D

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar is always  pleasure to visit. The walkways are lined with oversized snow globes that are  so lovely. ωɨԃgεт (Sahirah Hauptmann)  of Sahi Designs creates the decor found here. There is a skating pond near by and you can rezz a zippy little sled to scoot round on the ice or put on your skates and take a spin.

The next stop was at Dina LaVega (Dinahel Resident) ‘s Christmas Market and Advent Calendar. This quaint market with stalls  circling a large skating pond has large and small decor for your house or  larger area to decorate . It had snow globes in several different sizes and out came my purse! The market was busy while I was there because of the lovely wares that are offered. Stop by just to admire if not shop.

Outside the market area there are more goodies for sale to decorate your region for the winter. Charming winter settings for very good  prices.  Do you need a bridge ,  of a camping site or a small pavilion?

Go take a look.

More markets to follow.......

Gemma Cleanslate

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