Friday, February 21, 2020

The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy

By Gemma Cleanslate

Everyday brings something new going on in the Bellisseria regions. The bigger the continent gets the more ingenious faux businesses appear. It is great fun living over here .

The latest addition is ‘The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy”, known as the BBB. So off I went to inspect the office. It is located on a houseboat in Hammerhead Light region and is open to all of Bellisseria. Residents can apply for documents at the office and I did.

 There were a couple of other residents there when I arrived so I took a ticket, sat patiently and waited my turn.  I had a cup of coffee while there.There were even magazines, not too old too. Finally I picked up my application and filled it out carefully so I would not be denied.  Since the entrepreneur of this endeavor was out to lunch I sent it to him to take care of when he came back. (Boo Rojyo) sent me a note that so many were applying I might have to wait a couple days for delivery. That was fine with me. I recall waiting for my last passport for at least ten days and it was a lot more expensive since this one if free.

The very next day there it was in the mail! Amazing!! So official looking and it is a lifetime passport! Now I can visit some of the far off locations in Second Life with no problem.

I also picked up an application for a personalized License plate and will fill that out today. In the future I read that I may be able to get a driver’s license too [if I can stay off the lawns of Bellisseria]. Boo said, "a guy named Roman WeylynAll" will be making them. All can apply if they can verify their residency. If you would like to visit here is the address for the office : Hammerhead Light (73/91/22). Visitors are always welcome even if you are not a resident.

While I was in the office I noticed a poster for the Community Group Consociate that gave me a landmark so off I went to check it out. Here we have another home  that is set up to share all the possible groups available to residents and probably visitors that are interested in joining a group they might enjoy. Iseult NĂ­ Urquhart (PrudenceAnton Resident) and   Cian Wycliffe are running this group. Iseult says “  He is the parcel owner to the Bellis Blues Cafe we both run in Bellisseria.  We  have that location, the Bellisseria Group Consociate and I put out the Bellisseria Parade of Homes and Resident Owned Places of Interest lists twice a month” Busy people!!! 

Joiner links are in the posters of various groups on the wall. I joined a couple new ones. Everyone loves a parade and there is a parade everyday in Bellisseria. If I joined all these groups I would need two premium accounts !!! There is room for more posters of other groups not represented yet. Visit and see what it is all about:

P.S. : My license plate just arrived!

Gemma Cleanslate

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