Friday, August 21, 2020

A Look At The Peale

By Gemma Cleanslate

I had a very eclectic weekend . Saturday I spent the morning over at the new installation of an exhibit  the oldest museum in the United States. The Peale.

It was very busy with numerous people coming to see the building and the exhibit . I was lucky enough to be able to view it all the other day with press  and take my time going through the exhibit . Following the introduction to the museum and some of its extensive history by story teller David London, there was a panel discussion about the melding of real life and second life exhibits.

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To learn about the history of the Peale I recommend you watch the Labgab

About 40 avatars attended the Panel. Nancy Proctor , Director of the museum introduced the panel members, “First, if you can look all the way to my far right, seated there is Dr. Audra Buck-Coleman, a designer, educator, author, and facilitator.  She was the founding graphic design director at the University of Maryland College Park.  Next to Audra is Gentle Heron, also known as Alice Kreuger in the physical world.  She needs little introduction to many of you today, I expect.  She has been absolutely critical in guiding us to become possible in Second Life today. 

"Next to Gentle Heron you'll see George Ciscle, Curator-in-Residence Emeritus at Maryland Institute College of Art, and founder and first director/curator of the Contemporary Museum also known as The Contemporary.  George Ciscle is a volunteer with The ARC in Baltimore, helping artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities get access to resources and support for their practice in collaboration with local arts institutions.

"Seated next to me is Monica Rhodes, Director of Resource Management at the National Park Foundation.  In this role, Rhodes oversees preservation grant making to the National Park Service and efforts to develop a strategy for African American and Latinx engagement.  Prior to her role at NPF, Rhodes was the founding director of the National Trust’s HOPE (Hands - On Preservation Experience) Crew, which was created to expand the preservation movement to a younger, more diverse audience.

"And I'm excited to hear and share a bit more about HOPE with you today on this panel.

"Last but not least, to my far left and to your right is Dr. Jeremy Wells, Associate Professor in the Historic Preservation program in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at the University of Maryland, College Park.“

The discussion of the collaboration of Linden Lab, The Museum and members of Virtual Ability was most interesting in exploring accessibility in real life and second life and virtual worlds. Members of the audience commented and asked questions at the end of the panel. I recommend you go visit the exterior, interior and the grounds . Make sure you enter the room on the second floor to the left of the mural to the present exhibit.

Gemma Cleanslate

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